I am delighted to have topped the poll in the 2019 local elections. I’m incredibly grateful for the support given to me by the communities in Castleknock, Blanchardstown, Carpenterstown, Clonsilla, Blakestown and Lucan North.  I look forward to getting to work on delivering my election objectives as quickly and effectively as possible.


Public Transport

BusConnects must deliver improved services across Dublin 15, not undermine existing routes

I will work with Irish Rail to see the DART upgrade on the Maynooth and Dunboyne lines started as quickly as possible

I will keep pressure on Fingal to develop key cycle lanes such as Blanchardstown village to the Phoenix Park and Carpenterstown to Whyte’s Gate.


Housing & Planning

I will fight for the Government to introduce an Affordable Homes Scheme for people who could buy a home in a normal housing market, but are priced out of the current market.

I will continue to work to provide new homes in well planned communities

Ensure that Fingal County Council enforces safety standards around private rented tenancies.



Climate Change & Our Environment

I want to see more measures to tackle littering and dog poo on our streets and in our parks and to increase the number of successful prosecutions for dumping and littering in our green areas.

Support measures to reduce the amount of plastic waste being generated and continue to work to improve air quality in areas close to major roads.

I will ensure that the Council implements its Climate Change Action Plan and work to ensure it does more to help the citizens of Fingal reduce our carbon emissions


Community Facilities for All

Ensure we have enough primary and secondary schools planned and funded to meet the growing population of the area.

Fingal needs to increase its investment in children, with more playgrounds and small-scale play areas provided across Castleknock, Laurel Lodge and Clonsilla.

I will push for Fingal to adopt a Young People’s Policy, consulting directly with teenagers to find out what facilities they feel are lacking in our area.


Key projects over the next 5 years

Identify and secure sites for new primary and secondary schools and ensure new school buildings are fitted out for breakfast and homework clubs.

Introduce measures to monitor and tackle noise and air pollution coming from the M50 and other congested roads in the area.

Introduce a strict ‘one for one’ policy, that whenever the Council or a developer has to cut a tree, a new tree must be planted.

Develop a network of safe cycle-lanes across Dublin 15 and increase bicycle parking stands.

Provide drinking water fountains in parks and other busy public locations.

Completion of the Royal Canal Greenway.

Achieve public access to the ‘Silver Bridge’ over the Liffey Valley.

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