If you elect me as your TD, these are the issues I will prioritise:


  • Prioritise investment in infrastructure and in public services, to rebuild what was lost during the recession.
  • Replace the Property Tax with a Site Value Tax which would be designed to ensure protection for those unable to pay.
  • Focus on creating jobs by developing Dublin West’s strengths in technology, research and tourism.
  • Establish a regional network of publicly owned banks with no shareholders, where profit is retained to build core capital and interest earned from lending is re-loaned within that region.


  • Convert NAMA into a national housing agency and use the land it controls to provide councils and housing associations with land for social and affordable housing
  • Provide rent certainty by linking rent increases to the Consumer Price Index
  • Introduce legislation to deal with failed management companies and where developments have not been properly finished.

Transport & Environment

  • Increase subsidisation of public transport and link this directly to cuts in bus and rail fares.
  • Support the DART Expansion Programme to increase capacity and frequency on the Maynooth line and also the Ongar-UCD Bus Rapid Transit route.
  • Ensure that Ireland joins with the rest of the world in taking real measures to address climate change.
  • Use the planning system to protect our green belts and to deal with flood risks.

Education & Childcare

  • Increase education spending to 7% of GDP. Ensure that all schools have access to career guidance counsellors. Prevent further increases in 3rd level registration fee.
  • Target investment in new schools and replacing obsolete school buildings across Dublin West.
  • End discrimination in school admission on the basis of religion or special educational need.
  • Support families by introducing paid parental leave and financial support for childcare through subsidies.

Health and Social Services

  • Move towards a single-tier health system based on need rather than the ability to pay, funded from general taxation.
  • Place a major focus on mental health through the full implementation and resourcing of the 2006 Vision for Change
  • Reverse the discriminatory cuts that affected one parent families.

Political Reform

  • Amend the Constitution to prevent privatisation of water services. Guarantee everyone a free water allowance, with charges kicking in after to deter wastage.
  • Campaign for major political reform such as a directly elected Seanad and a directly elected Mayor for Dublin.
  • Investigate irregularities in planning and ensure those engaged in political corruption are punished.

3 thoughts on “My Policies for Election 2016

  1. All very well and good for you to be angry “about what has happened to our country” but it was your party who played a huge part in causing it. How are you expecting people to believe that you will make sure that “the abuses that caused the economic crisis never happens again” when your party did absolutely nothing to either prevent or rectify it when you were last in power? How on earth can we trust your party ever again?

  2. Hi Eoin, thanks for your comment.

    In responding, I want to make a distinction between the causes of the economic crisis and the response to it.

    In Government, we were part of the response. We didn’t get everything right. The scope of the initial bank guarantee was too extensive. There should have been a greater focus on measures to assist employment, retraining and up-skilling.

    It’s worth remembering though, we were not responsible for the causes of the economic crisis. We fought against the over-zoning of residential land which fuelled the disastrous property boom, in Councils across the country. We argued against the ‘low tax’ economic model, which have eroded the State’s revenue base. I personally stood in the 2004 Local Election and the 2007 General Election fighting on this issues. By the time we entered Government in 2007, the underlying damage to our economy had already been done.

    Finally, having been in Government during the worst of the crisis, we have been taught at first hand the lessons of the 97-07 period. I’m seeking election to the Dail so I can argue for making radical reform in the country. We have to learn the lessons of the past 15 years so we can make sure a catastrophe like this never happens again.

  3. hi Roderic,
    I am not sure that we can do much better than the others, but we can try.
    However I am sure that locally a lot can be done to improve the situation. So why not trying harder to do it in our constituency? every little help…
    thanks for your nice work.

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