Whether in Australia or the Amazon , we’ve seen the cost of inaction on climate change. This election is a chance to change that and protect our environment. Over 15 years as a campaigner and a councillor, I have always put the needs of my community first. I’m asking you to entrust me with your No.1 vote to elect a green TD to the Dáil.

Here are the key points of my manifesto.


Climate Action and Our Environment 

  • Make the government take the lead on climate change – rather than leaving the heavy lifting to individuals.
  • Require big business to report the climate impacts of their activities.
  • Deliver a national home retrofit scheme for warm, clean, affordable homes for all.
  • Expand local green spaces, plant more trees, tackle dumping and take proper care of the Royal Canal and the Liffey.


Education and Childcare

  • Deliver six months extra paid parental leave, which parents can share.
  • Use tax changes to encourage childcare providers to offer part-time care.
  • Bring in automatic Special Needs Assistants in the first years of school – so that kids awaiting diagnosis aren’t disadvantaged.
  • Reduce third level entry fees to EU average levels.


Safe and Sustainable Communities

  • Improve conditions for renters with longer leases and limits on rent hikes.
  • Fund mixed affordable and social housing – and end this housing crisis.
  • Transform our health service – by expanding primary care and mental health services.
  • Secure more community policing for our area and extra Gardaí to deliver it.



  • Invest in public transport, cycling and walking over roads.
  • Expand bus services, electrify the Maynooth and Dunboyne lines.
  • Extend the Luas from Broombridge to Finglas and Blanchardstown, with a park and ride at the M50.
  • Tame traffic – especially around schools – with extra pedestrian priority and dedicated cycleways.

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