Reply from Fingal about Blanch to Phoenix Park and Town Centre to Whyte’s Gate cycleways

I’m often asked what is the situation with the Blanchardstown to Phoenix Park and Town Centre to Whyte’s Gate cycle lanes. I raised both at the Transportation Committee meeting last week. Neither are on the Fingal Capital Programme for now. The focus from Fingal is on the Royal Canal Greenway & Bus Corridor cycleway

I argued that this is a mistake. The Core Bus Corridor cycleway has a massive gap between Snugborough Rd and Auburn Ave. The Blanch-Phoenix Park route could fill that gap. Anyone going to west or south city centre is more likely to use Whyte’s Gate/Park than the Greenway route.

Also, many students attending Castleknock Community College and Castleknock College cycle to school and would benefit from a cycle-lane along Carpenterstown Road. While the Greenway will be great and bus corridor cycle lane ok, I think we are missing a trick on two routes that are already popular but not safe enough.

As I said at the meeting, I’m not going to drop this as I believe these two routes are crucial for D15 commuters to take real advantage of our proximity to the city.