Reply from NTA to Cllr O’Gorman regarding new off-peak services on Maynooth line

The National Transport Authority has confirmed to me that the new half-hour off-peak services on the Maynooth line will commence on Sunday 9th December, just in time for Christmas. It is going to bring about a significant improvement for commuters who use the line and make the city centre more accessible, particularly on the weekend.

Irish Rail have confirmed that during the week there will be a half hourly frequency on the route in the off-peak between the morning and evening peak periods. There will also be an additional 20:47 Connolly / Maynooth service returning 21:40 from Maynooth which provides a minimum 2 trains per hour until approximately 21:00 on the route.

At the weekend a half hourly service will operate on Saturdays until approximately 19:30 and on Sundays from approximately 11:00 to 19:30. The current frequency will be maintained outside these hours except that there will also be an earlier first train from Maynooth on Sunday at 08:00 and a number of additional later services on Sunday evening providing an hourly service up to approximately 23:20.

My only slight concern with these new services is that most of them will be 4 carriage trains. It is important that Irish Rail keep this under review and if demand is there, they should increase the number of carriages.