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New social housing provision in Dublin 15 since 2015
New social housing provision in Dublin 15 since 2015

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A quick update on the scale of the housing crisis in the Dublin 15 area, and some of the measures Fingal are taking to address it.

This September, there are 265 people in Dublin 15 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, with 137 of these in emergency accommodation. Our Social Housing List continues to grow, with 4,792 people stating a preference for a home in Dublin 15 (out of a total Fingal Social Housing List of over 10,000).

On a daily basis, myself, other councillors and Fingal staff are dealing with families and individuals left in incredibly precarious situations, due to the failure to provide adequate social and affordable housing and the failure to adequately intervene in the private rental market.

Compared to other local authorities, Fingal is doing better when it comes to the provisions of social housing. 644 units have been delivered since 2015. These come from a range of sources: some are leased through the HAP (Housing Assistance Payment) scheme, some are bought or purchased by the Council. But it is still an inadequate amount compared to the need for social housing in area.

Locally and nationally, myself and the Green Party are continuing to work towards bringing forward practical solutions to the housing crisis. We brought forward a proposed law in the Oireachtas that would put a tax on people who hoard development land. In our Budget submission, we will be proposing extra money for investment in social housing.

The housing crisis will define politics over the next five years. We will work to ensure that the response is based on the needs of families and individuals, not those of land speculators and developers.

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