The National Transport Authority has confirmed to me that it plans to provide a real time bus monitor at the city-bound bus stop beside Clonsilla Train Station and that it will give consideration to a second monitor in Clonsilla village.

There are currently no city-bound real time bus monitors in the Clonsilla area. As the village is served by the 39 bus route, which is far less frequent than the 39a route, it is important that commuters waiting at bus stops are given good notice of the arrival of buses. I wrote to the National Transport Authority and suggested that they install bus monitors in two specific locations – one at the bus stop beside Clonsilla Train Station and at the other at the stop in the middle of the village.

The NTA has responded by saying that they have identified the stop beside Clonsilla Station as a location for a real time monitor. They are currently awaiting funding for the next round of installations. The NTA also stated that they will consider the second stop in Clonsilla village in future phases of installations.

I welcome these commitments from the NTA. Placing a real time monitor beside Clonsilla Train Station will allow for better connectivity between bus and train routes in the area and would be of real benefit to commuters. I am calling on the Minister for Transport to rapidly provided the funding for the next found of real time monitor installations.


Reply – NTA – real time monitors in Clonsilla

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