At the Council meeting on Thursday, we had an extensive debate about the refusal by Fingal County Council to put in place extra double yellow lines in College Grove beside Castleknock village. A significant number of residents from the estate turned up to hear the discussion.


There are certain estates that suffer from parking issues not directly related to the estate itself. Portergate in Clonsilla used to have severe parking issues due to Clonsilla train station. Roselawn Road continues to have similar issues, caused by Castleknock Station. And College Grove in Castleknock has a major parking problem due to the fact that it is linked to the large College Wood estate, where insufficient parking was provided by the original developer.


In these type of situations, I feel that the Council has to do more to assist residents. As such, I was disappointed by the refusal of Fingal County Council to place extra double yellow lines in College Grove. The Council’s argument is that double yellow lines are solely for safety and are not for traffic management. However, I think this one size fits all approach fails to recognise that certain places, like College Grove, suffer disproportionately badly from non-resident parking and should be given extra support.

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