I am very pleased that An Bord Pleanala has followed the lead of Fingal County Council and rejected planning permission for a Lidl supermarket at the Flower-Shop site in Castleknock village. However, I would have a concern that both the County Council and An Bord Pleanala seem to suggest that this site in the centre of Castleknock village should be even more intensively developed than Lidl were suggesting.

This is why it is so important that the Council now undertake a new urban centre strategy (UCS) for Castleknock village. The process for drawing up the previous UCS was flawed and was strongly opposed by local residents. It was on the basis of this flawed document that the various attempts to put a high rise development on the Flower-Shop site were made. It is time to get real community input and draw up a plan that will see this important site in the village put to proper use.

At a local area committee meeting of Fingal County Council in September, the Council indicated that, depending on the decision of An Bord Pleanala in the Lidl appeal, the Council would look at drawing up a new UCS. Now that the rejection of planning permission has been upheld, I am call on Fingal County Council to quickly follow through on its commitment.


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