Roderic O'Gorman calls for slip road to Total Fitness gym be closed due to security concerns

I’m calling for the slip road down to the Total Fitness gym site, which is off the N3/Connolly Hospital entrance, to be blocked off until the site has been sold and is use again.  At present, the road often has a number of cars parked on it. There is significant concern that the location, which is raised up over the N3, is being used as an observation post by burglars, from where they can keep watch on nearby estates and houses along the N3. This concern has also been expressed by the Gardai.

In order to prevent this risk, I believe that the slip road should be temporarily blocked off until the site has been sold and the slip road is in regular use again. I’ve written to Fingal County Council and requested that they examine undertaking the road closure.

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