Roderic O'Gorman at abandoned house on Clonsilla Road

Over recent weeks, I’ve been talking to residents along the Clonsilla Road and adjoining estates who are deeply concerned about the severely dilapidated state of a house along the road. This house has been unoccupied for several years, has undergone extensive vandalism, and last year was set on fire.

I’ve spoken with the Director of Services for Housing from Fingal County Council about this issue. The Director of Services is aware of the problem, though as the house is privately owned, the Council is somewhat constrained in what it can do. However, some enforcement measures have already been undertaken against the owner, and I have been informed that further measures are underway.

I specifically highlighted to the Director of Services for Housing that the house continues to be used for drinking and in the last few weeks has again been significantly graffitied.

This house not only very unsightly, but it poses a major health and safety risk as if it is set on fire again, this could easily result in severe damage to neighbouring houses. This is a major concern for residents that I spoke to who live near the house. I will continue to lobby Fingal County Council to conclude enforcement action against the owner.

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