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Road safety measures need to be examined as part of Porterstown Park redevelopment

Fingal is about to embark on a major redevelopment of Porterstown Park in conjunction with the various sports clubs who use the facility. As part of this, I’m calling on the Council to examine measures to improve safety at the road crossing at Porterstown Park.

A number of parents of children who use the various facilities at Porterstown Park have expressed concern about speeding on the Porterstown Road at the entrance to the Park. While there is a pedestrian crossing in place linking the entrance to the Park to Fernleigh estate, the fact that so many kids are crossing back and forth means that this is a high risk area for kids running across the road. As such, I feel we should look at slowing the traffic on this short stretch of the road, from the entrance to Porterstown Church to just past the existing pedestrian crossing.

When I put a question (below) to the Council management about this, they stated that this stretch of road was not suitable for ramps. While I’m happy to work with the Council management at looking at alternative ways of slowing the traffic, I do not think that the existing 60kmph speed limit at this stretch of the road is acceptable. Since the Council is putting a substantial investment in the Park which will increase the number of people using it, we should be taking all measure to make it as safe as possible for the children using it.

I’ll continue to push this issue with Council management as the redevelopment of Porterstown Park continues.


Text of response to question regarding speeding on Porterstown Road




(Services A – Operations)

THURSDAY, 25th June 2015



Porterstown Road – Traffic Calming

Question: Councillor R O Gorman

“To ask the Chief Executive in light of the major redevelopment that is being proposed for Porterstown Park, would the Operations Department consider traffic calming along the Porterstown Road along the section between Porterstown Church and the pedestrian crossing between the Park and Fernleigh?”


The Porterstown Road is a rural road currently with a speed limit of 60km/hr and is unsuitable for speed ramps.  There is a pedestrian crossing currently at Fernleigh which provides a safe means of crossing to the playing fields.  There are traffic signals at the junction with Porterstown Link Road which create gaps in the traffic along Porterstown Road.  These gaps provide a safe means of egress from the car parks in the vicinity of the playing fields and St. Mochta’s Church.