Monthly Archive for January, 2012

Swords needs to be ‘reunified’ by the Constituency Commission


Today is the deadline for submissions to the Constituency Commission on the redraw of Dail and Euro constituency boundaries, following the 2010 Census.

In my submission I am advising that the village of Swords should no longer be divided between Dublin North and Dublin West. Having campaigned in Swords in the two national elections this year, I am acutely aware of the concerns that residents of the smaller Dublin West section of the town. The voters I met felt completely isolated from the wider constituency, having no real connection to the Dublin 15 side. Politicians from Dublin 15 are not recognised, when compared to the usual politicians who have represented the area.

Section 6.(2)(e) of the Electoral (Amendment) Act 2009 state that “there shall be regard to geographic considerations” by the Constituency Commission in the making of its decision. In light of this, I’ve urge the Constituency Commission to ensure that Swords village is reunited in either Dublin West, Dublin North or whatever new constituency arrangement is reached after the review.