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Planned New Bus Routes for Dublin 15


Dublin Bus has announced its proposed new bus routes for the Dublin 15 area.

There are planning to host public consultation meetings over before any changes are made.

If you have any views on the proposals, please get in touch with me.

Greens to hold public meeting on Fingal Development Plan


The Dublin West Green Party holding a public meeting entitled “How to make an Effective Submission to the Development Plan”, on Wednesday, May 5th in the Diswellstown Community Centre, St Patricks National School.

The meeting will feature Mr. Gavin Daly, a planning consultant, who will give a presentation on the development plan process and give suggestions on how to make an effective submission.

The meeting will then feature contributions from Dublin 15 Community Council Chairperson, Damien Carbury and Dublin West Green Party representative Roderic O’Gorman on what are the key issues for Dublin 15 that need to be addressed in the new development plan, followed by a general discussion.

The meeting is taking place midway through the current second stage of the public consultation process on the Fingal County Development Plan 2011-2017, which ends on 14th May.

“Planning is something that is hugely important to many people in Dublin 15. Considering how many terrible decisions have been made over the last 10 years in our area, it is absolutely essential that we get this new county development plan right. I am holding this meeting to allow people come together and discuss what are the top priorities for the area, but also to give them the chance to talk with planning experts and learn how to make genuinely effective submissions”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information

Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

Press Release – Resolution on 37X route welcome – O’Gorman


Green Party Dublin West representative, Roderic O’Gorman has welcomed the resolution by Dublin Bus of recent issues regarding the 37X route.

“I recently raised an issue with Dublin Bus regarding the number of unscheduled stops that the 37X service was making on its way to and from UCD. In practice, the service was making a considerable number of stops on what is advertised as a ‘non-stop’ part of the journey on the Dublin Bus website. A number of students from the Diswellstown area had raised the issue with me stating it was unfair that they were charged the extra fair for an ‘express’ service when this was not the service that they were receiving”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“I am pleased to be able to say that Mr. Paddy Doherty, the Operations Manager for Dublin Bus, has been in contact with me and has pledged to address the issue. Clarification notices have been given to all drivers operating the route so that they are aware of where they should and should not be stopping. Dublin Bus has also apologies to the students travelling to Belfield who originally raised the complaint”.

“I glad that this issue has been resolved. Dublin Bus should be commended for moving so quickly on the concerns I raised with them. I will continue to monitor the situation on the 37X service to ensure that these issues do not arise again”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information

Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

Press Release – O’Gorman welcomes Dublin Bus examination of 37 X route after complaints


Dublin West Green Party representative, Roderic O’Gorman has welcomed the statement by Dublin Bus that it will examine the 37 X bus route after receiving a number of complaints.

“I recently received some queries from a number of students using the 37X service that runs from Diswellstown through the City Centre and onto UCD. According to the timetable available on the Dublin Bus website, the 37 X goes from Carpenterstown via Castleknock then non-stop to Hanlon’s Corner, before picking up passengers there and travelling into the city centre and then on to Belfield”.

“However, apparently the bus stops at all bus stops from Castleknock to Hanlon’s Corner. This pattern is repeated on the return journey in the late afternoon – the 37X stops at all stops from Hanlon’s Corner to Auburn Avenue, even though it is advertised that this is a ‘non-stop’ part of the journey”.

“Obviously, the 37X is advertised as an ‘express’ service – hence the €2.50 fare is different to other fares. However, it seems that in reality, the service is not any different from the usual 37, on the relevant stretches of the journey. What is the point of charging people extra if they are not going to get the faster service?”.

“I’ve contacted Dublin Bus on this issue and raised the complaints made by the students. I’m glad to be able to say that the company have agree to examine the complaints and come back to me with clarification on the issue”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information

Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

Press Release – Diswellstown decision from An Bord Pleanala deeply disappointing – O’Gorman


Green Party Dublin West representative, Roderic O’Gorman has described as deeply disappointing the decision of An Bord Pleanala to grant permission for 438 houses and apartments in Diswellstown, Dublin 15.

“I’m hugely disappointed by the decision of An Bord Pleanala to reject my appeal against Fingal County Council’s grant of planning permission for 438 houses and apartments behind St Patricks NS in Diswellstown”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“Over the last year and a half, I have been actively campaigning in the Carpenterstown area against this development. Like many residents, I submitted an objection to the original proposal. When Fingal County Council granted permission, I decided to make an appeal to An Bord Pleanala on behalf of the Dublin West Green Party”.

“My key reason for making this appeal was that I felt that Fingal County Council did not follow the Guidelines on Sustainable Residential Development in Urban Areas. Specifically, I felt that the Council had not required the developer to specify where in the area the extra demand for school places created by the new development would be met. As we know, the nearby St Patricks NS has been under huge pressure with numbers for the last few years”.

“While both Fingal County Council and An Bord Pleanala placed a condition on the developer to keep free a piece of land in front of St Patricks NS for the schools future expansion, I still feel there was a failure to adequately consider the extra pressure that 438 new houses and apartments are going to put on the existing schools in the area. It seems that neither the Council nor An Bord Pleanala have learned the lesson that when the increase in housing outpaces the available school places, it creates huge problems for parents and major pressures on the existing schools”.

“We can only hope that due to the huge surplus of housing in the Dublin 15 area, the apartments and houses in Diswellstown will not be built in the lifetime of the planning permission”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information

Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

Press Release – Clarity needed on opening of Powerstown Road allotments – O’Gorman


Green Party Dublin West representative, Roderic O’Gorman has called on Fingal County Council to clarify when it will open the newly developed allotments on the Powerstown Road.

“I’ve written to Fingal County Council asking them to clarify when they will be opening the newly developed allotments on the Powerstown Road. In a reply to a question asked by Cllr Joe Corr in April of last year, the County Manager indicated that the only works that remained to be completed at the site was for the ESB to connect the electricity supply. Almost a year later, the site still isn’t being used, even though most of the infrastructure is in place”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“I realise that the Council is struggling with cutting costs at the moment. However, the reply from the County Manager stated that he then envisaged that the work would be completed in two months. The Council needs to clarify the nature of any extra work that needs to be done on the Powerstown site and give an estimation of when this will be completed and the allotments opened”.

“During the Local Elections campaign, I regularly received queries from people interested in renting allotments from the Council. There is an increasing demand for this facility and the Council needs to act to meet this”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information

Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

Press Release – O’Gorman pays tribute to Trevor Sargent


Green Party Dublin West representative, Roderic O’Gorman has paid tribute to Trevor Sargent TD on his resignation as Minister for State for Food and Horticulture

“I’ve known Trevor Sargent since I was ten years old. During the 1992 General Election campaign he brought me out canvassing with him. I’m sure I wasn’t any use to him, but Trevor always likes to encourage anyone who has an interest in green issues”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“Even in the action for which he had to resign, Trevor’s character shines through. He was attempting to help a man who had stood up to anti-social behaviour in his community and had been assaulted for his trouble. When it was highlighted that the actions Trevor took in contacting the Gardai were wrong, he immediately accepted responsibility and resigned with dignity. In donating his €45,000 retirement payout to the St. Vincent De Paul, Trevor showed that personal gain has never been a motivation for him”.

“I wouldn’t be involved in politics if it wasn’t for Trevor. He is an inspiration to me and to countless other Greens. I’m delighted that he is going to continue his work on behalf of the people of Dublin North and on behalf of the Green Party”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information

Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777