Monthly Archive for August, 2007

Widespread support for making Dublin West a 4 seat constituency a positive sign

The end of July was the deadline for submissions to the Dail Constituency Commission which is revising the boundaries of the Dail and European Election constituencies. While I haven’t had a chance to read through each of the hundreds of submissions, I am pleased to see that many have recommended that Dublin West be increased to a 4 seat constituency for the next General Election.

I was concerned that the Constituency Commission might be tempted to leave Dublin West as a 3 seater, and give away parts of Carptenterstown to Dublin Mid-West or Tyrrelstown and Mulhuddart to Dublin North. I think this would have been damaging to the entire Dublin 15 area as it is important that we have enough political representatives to give a voice to the entire area. I hope that Constituency Commission will follow the submissions, both from political parties and interested individuals, who argue against a partitioning of our community.

In order to secure our status as a 4 seat constituency, a greater population will be needed. The Green Party’s proposal is that we refocus the constituency along the N3 (Navan Road) and as such include parts of Ashtown and the Phoenix Park within the constituency. We are also proposing that the areas around Kilsallaghan and Dubber be returned to Dublin North as the community in this area would have a closer link with the Swords area than they would with Dublin 15.

It was positive to see that the submissions supporting increasing the number of TD’s elected from Dublin 15 to 4 were very much of a cross party basis and included those from the Green Party, local Labour politicians, the Progressive Democrats, Fianna Fail, local Fine Gael representative. Many local residents and the Dublin 15 Community Council also made submissions.

I strongly believe that much of the infrastructure deficit that Dublin 15 has suffered over the last 15 years is due to the fact that we have not had our appropriate amount of TD’s in the Dáil fighting for out needs. By making Dublin West a 4 seat constituency for the next General Election, our voice will be better heard in the Dáil and there will be a greater opportunity for candidates representing different political opinions to get elected.

Green Party submission to the Dail Constituency Commission