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There needs to be consistency in car parking charges at Irish Rail stations

Expensive car parks = Empty car parks

Prior to Christmas, the cost of parking charges in Irish Rail stations along the Maynooth line was raised with me by a constituent.

There is a big difference in the charges between two of the stations on the Maynooth line. In Coolmine Station, the rates are €3 per day or €10 per week paying with cash or credit card (€2 per day or €8 per week using the ParkbyText service). However, in the Navan Road Parkway Station, only two stops away, the rate jumps to €4 per day or €18 per week. Over a one year period, this difference in price really becomes apparent.

As the Navan Road Parkway Station is not located within a residential area, the vast majority of commuters using it will have to access it via car. Surely, having such a high parking price is a significant disincentive to people using the station as a park and ride facility? It can be contrasted with the M3 Parkway, past Dunboyne, which is actually free to use!

I’ve contacted Irish Rail over the issue. A spokesperson informed me that the reason for big difference in price is that the Navan Road Parkway station is fully owned and run by private operators. Irish Rail maintains an ability to influence parking fees in the car parks it still controls. (Raises some questions about how good a deal was reached regarding the building and ownership of the Navan Road station in the first place).

I’ve subsequently contacted the private company running the Navan Road Parkway station to lobby them to review their current prices. While I understand the need economic pressures that companies have to operate under, with the economic climate as it currently stands, the size of the difference in price is a significant disincentive to people using the car park and as such, public transport.

I haven’t heard anything back from them yet, but I will update further if/when I do.

Welcome to Dublin West!


The Constituency Commission Report came out on Thursday and it has some major changes for Dublin West. For a start, there was a big victory for ‘people-power’ as Swords village has been ‘re-united’ as part of the newly named Dublin Fingal constituency. I’m pleased about this as while canvassing in Swords during the By-Election last October, the fact that one quarter of the village was split away from the rest was a source of major discontent to residents living there. It’s great that the Commission has accepted the hundreds of representations from myself and others on this point.

While we are losing 17,000 residents in Swords and the surrounding rural areas of Kilsallaghan and St Margarets, we are gaining 13,000 new residents with the addition of the electoral districts of Ashtown A, Ashtown B and Phoenix Park. This means that a significant section of the Navan Road (as far as Cabra Garda Station) and Ashtown are now part of Dublin West. President Higgins will now cast his vote in Dublin West!

This is a really diverse area, containing some very well settled areas, but also recent communities such as those along the Royal Canal in Scribblestown. While these new residents live in the Dublin City Council area rather than Fingal County Council, we share many of the same services, such as the 37, 38 and 39 bus routes, along with the Maynooth train-line. I’m looking forward to representing the needs of people in this area over the next few years.