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Council supports my motion to use CCTV to tackle illegal dumping

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I’m delighted that Fingal has confirmed that it has started using mobile CCTV units as part of the fight against illegal dumping. This was confirmed by Council management in response to a motion of mine that was passed at the full Council meeting last week. You can see the discussion at the Council meeting here.

The Council has confirmed that up to €30,000 has been spent on a service to install and monitor mobile CCTV units across Fingal. These have already been deployed at one particular dumping blackspot in the Dublin 15 area and will be used again.

Some of the money for this is coming from central Government initiatives to prevent dumping. Obviously there is a major financial cost for Fingal in having to clean up dumping, which means there are fewer resources for other services. But there’s also a significant social cost, in that sustained dumping can really undermine the fabric of a community.

I appreciate the support I received from other councillors for my motion. During the course of the debate, particular dumping spots in Dublin 15 such as the Powerstown Road and the Liffey Valley were highlighted.

I will be reviewing the success of these mobile CCTV units in conjunction with Council staff.

Fingal CC must prevent illegal Christmas tree dumping at Carpenterstown Park

Fingal County Council used to have a Christmas tree recycle point at Carpenterstown Park, but last year stopped using it in favour of a single site at the Blanchardstown Town Centre. Unfortunately, a significant number of people still think this is a collection point, and dumped their trees there this year. These were subsequently set on fire.

Last year, a sign was placed on the green specifying that it was not a recycling point. While it did not completely stop the trees being dumped, it certainly cut down the number compared to this year.

I’ve written to the Environmental Department of Fingal County Council and requested that they erect the ‘no collection point’ sign at the Carpenterstown Park green next year.

Update: I’ve been in touch with the Fingal CC Depot in Coolmine. They’ve said they will put up the sign next year to ensure that people know this is not a location for the disposal of Christmas trees.

Late night drinking at Porterstown Park pitches – Gardai need to take action

I have been contacted by a number of residents living in estates connected to the Porterstown Road regarding anti-social behaviour that they are experiencing on Friday and Saturday nights. This results from groups of young people using the ‘kissing-gates’ in these estates to access the Porterstown Road and enter the Porterstown Park pitches for the purposes of drinking. These groups have thrown stones at houses and damaged cars.

Over the last few months, this increased use of the Porterstown Park pitches as a location for late night drinking and the related dumping of cans has been raised with me by a number of residents across Carpenterstown who use the area for sport or walking their dogs.

I’ve contacted the Gardai in Blanchardstown and asked that they increase their presence in the area between 8pm and 11pm on weekend nights, so as to address the anti-social behaviour issues that local residents are facing.

I’ll post an update when I hear back.

Royal Canal Day

First catch of the day at the Royal Canal clean up organised by the Dublin City North Volunteers

I want to congratulate the Dublin City North Volunteers for organising the hugely successful Royal Canal Day last Saturday 12th October. The event saw hundreds of volunteers working across the Northside to clean ups along different sections of the Royal Canal. A very substantial amount of rubbish was shifted throughout the day.

Myself and the Dublin West Greens worked on a stretch between the 12th Lock Pub and Ashtown. It was good to see that this area was not heavily littered, though we did notice is considerable amount of cans and bottle thrown into the canal itself.

The Royal Canal is a huge resource for Dublin City and for the Dublin 15 area in particular. The proposal to improve the surface and lighting along the 12th Lock to Ashtown section should significantly open up the area to cyclists and walkers. However, we all can do our bit to make sure that the canal is kept and clean as possible.

Thanks for your help at the clean up

Successful clean up. 20 bags of rubbish lifted.

I want to thank all the volunteers who helped out with the canal clean up on Saturday. We lifted 20 bags of rubbish, including a suitcase, two bicycle wheels and even a fire extinguisher. This is the 6th year in which they have picked litter from the stretch of the canal between the 12th Lock towards Coolmine.

Beer and soft drink cans remain a significant problem both in the ditches beside the canal towpath but also in the canal itself. Here, the pose a significant danger for wildlife, including the two cygnets that have been hatched by the swans nesting opposite Castleknock Train Station.

Another item we noticed significant amounts of this year was bagged dog dirt, thrown into the ditch. It seems bizarre that people go to the trouble of bagging their dog’s dirt, then just throwing it into the hedge.

The Royal Canal is a huge resource for Dublin 15. It’s vital that we all work to keep it in the best state possible.

Royal Canal Clean Up

The Dublin West Green Party will be holding our annual Royal Canal Clean Up this Saturday, 15th June.

We will be meeting at 1:30PM at Castleknock Train Station and cleaning around the station, down towards the 12th Lock and then towards Coolmine Station.

Hope to see you there.

Dublin West Greens hold successful Canal Clean-Up

Dublin West Green Party Canal Clean-Up June 2011

Dublin West Green Party Canal Clean-Up June 2011

The Dublin West Green Party held our 3rd annual Royal Canal Clean-Up on Saturday. 25 volunteers helped us to picked up cans, bottles, paper and general rubbish from in and around the canal bank, covering the stretch between the 12th Lock pub and Coolmine train station.

By the end of the afternoon, we had about 20 bags of rubbish collected and divided between recyclables and non-recyclables. We also ended up with three bicycle wheels.

The Royal Canal is a huge resource for Dublin 15 in terms of boating, fishing, walking and cycling. It’s something we need to protect, which is why the Dublin West Greens organise a clean up each year. I want to thank all the volunteers who joined us and Fingal County Council who picked up the rubbish from us when we were finished.

Time to end poster madness – O’Gorman



Green Party Dublin West candidate, Roderic O’Gorman has called on the next Minister for the Environment to take action to limit the amount of posters that candidates can use during elections. He was speaking after high winds caused hundreds of election posters to be ripped from polls and strewn around Dublin West.

“The large number of election posters that have been blown down over the last few days proves why we need to move away from the current approach to election posters. Not only have the posters created an awful mess, but hundreds of cable-ties have been left attached to telephone and lamp posts across Dublin West. I have seen some with up to ten separate cable ties flapping in the wind, now that all the posters are blown off”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“Personally I have always tried to use a relatively small number of posters, as I think myself and my team should be spending as much time as possible knocking on doors. It strikes me as madness that politicians and parties spend such a large amount of money on pictures of ourselves. Surely, there are more effective ways of getting our message out to the voters?”.

“In France for example, each party is entitled to erect a poster and manifesto sign in a designated location in each village of the constituency. This would be a much more satisfactory approach, as it still gives candidates the opportunity to advertise their policies, but in a much more orderly manner”.

“I hope that the next Minister for the Environment will bring forward some reasonable proposals to deal with the issue of election posters. In the meantime, it is vital that myself and all the other candidates do our bit to clean up our posters but also to remove cable ties from lamp-posts, even if they aren’t our own”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.