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O’Gorman meets Minister Cuffe over concerns about Castleknock development


Green Party Dublin West representative, Roderic O’Gorman and a delegation from the Castleknock Residents Action Group (CRAG) met with the Minister for State for Planning, Ciaran Cuffe to discuss concerns about a large scale development in Castleknock Village.

“Last week I took a delegation from the Castleknock Residents Action Group (CRAG) to meet the Minister for State for Planning, Ciaran Cuffe. CRAG had requested this meeting in order to be able to discuss with Minister Cuffe their concerns about the large commercial and residential development in the centre of Castleknock Village behind the old Flower Shop. This development has met with massive resistance from residents of the village, but has been pushed strongly by Fingal County Council”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“Myself and the CRAG representative outlined to the Minister our concerns about how Fingal County Council drew up an Urban Centre Strategy for Castleknock, but never put the draft version out to public consultation and never permitted local councillors to officially vote on it. We also highlighted how the architects firm that drew up the UCS for the Council were also at the same time drawing up the planning application for the developer of the Flower Shop site”.

“While as a Minister in the Department of the Environment, Ciaran Cuffe cannot interfere with the grant of planning permission by a local authority or An Bord Pleanala, he did express his surprise at the manner in which this situation was handled and in particular, the way in which the views of the residents of Castleknock Village have been completely ignored. He asked myself and CRAG to supply him with more details of our concerns surrounding the process followed by Fingal County Council”.  

“Going forward, it is absolutely essential that all references to this flawed Urban Centre Strategy are deleted from the current draft of the Fingal County Development Plan, so that it does not get statutory approval through the back door. Both myself and CRAG will be pressuring local councillors to make this vital amendment”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information

Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

O’Gorman calls for the rejection of Castleknock development




 Green Party Dublin West representative, Roderic O’Gorman has called on Fingal County Council to refuse a new planning application for a site in the centre of Castleknock village.


“I’m calling on Fingal County Council to reject a new planning application for a site in the centre of Castleknock village behind the ‘Flower Shop’. The proposal includes a new 5 storey commercial premises, which I believe would be completely outs of place in the village”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.


“The primary ground for my objection is that the development as proposed does not comply with the Fingal County Development Plan. One of the current objectives set out for Castleknock Village in the Development Plan is “To improve the physical and environmental character of Castleknock through sensitive infill development that enhances village facilities and amenities”. I argue that the proposed plans, particularly the 5 storey nature of the main building, cannot in any way be described as a ‘sensitive infill development’. As such, I believe that the proposal does not with the specific objectives for Castleknock Village in the current Development Plan and should be rejected on this basis”.


“Further, the proposed development provides for 346 car parking spaces in a double basement car park. Provision for such a large number of cars is obviously going to have a significant impact on traffic in the centre of Castleknock village, which already suffers from severe congestion. As the proposed development will make the traffic situation in the village worse, I believe this is another reason to reject this plan”.


“During the local election campaign, the issue of what would happen to this site was one that came up regularly on the doors in Castleknock. While most people accept that eventually some development will occur on the site, locals want to know that any building will be in keeping with the village characteristics of Castleknock. I believe that this development is completely unsuited to Castleknock, and I am calling for the Council to reject it and allow the future use of this site to be considered as part of the new development plan process”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.





O’Gorman calls for major public engagement on new Castleknock Village planning application




Green Party Dublin West representative, Roderic O’Gorman has called on residents of Castleknock Village to make their voices heard in the planning process regarding the newly submitted planning application to develop a site in the centre of the village.


“Last year the proposal by Uxbridge Properties to undertake a major development in the centre of Castleknock Village behind the Flower Shop generated huge concern. Along with hundreds of local residents, I submitted an objection to the proposal and I was delighted when the planning application was withdrawn in January of this year”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.


“During the Local Election campaign, concerns about the future of the site were raised with me by many local residents. I committed that if elected, I would use the County Development Plan to alter the zoning of the site to ensure that only suitable development would occur on the site”.


“Now however, a new planning application has been submitted which is similar in many ways to the original proposal. The new development would comprise of 3 new blocks between 2 and 5 stories high. These would include 47 one and two bed apartments, 15 commercial premises, a large anchor retail outlet and a medical centre. The proposal also includes an underground car park with 346 spaces”.


“It is really important that residents make submissions on this new proposal. I believe that this application will raise many of the same concerns that residents had with the previous one such as increased traffic congestion, and nearby houses being overlooked. The deadline for submissions is the 29th July”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.





Further Information

Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

Castleknock Village Development: Additional Information received

Uxbridge Properties have submitted ‘additional information’ to Fingal CC about their proposed development on the lands behind ‘The Flower Shop’ in the centre of Castleknock Village – Application F08A/0892.

The additional information deals with the 11 areas where Fingal CC were seeking clarification from the developer. Among the points the developer has:

– Set back the upper floors of a number of the blocks
– Submitted a report on the impact of overshadowing on surrounding properties
– Submitted a report on drainage and storm water management on the site
– Improved the number of trees that will be planted around the site

However, the developer has made it clear that he will not reduce the large number of car-parking spaces (345) currently provided for under the planning application.

The deadline for making submissions on this additional information is close of business on Monday 26th January