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Royal Canal Clean-Up


The Dublin West Green Party will be undertaking our annual Royal Canal Clean-Up on Saturday, 18th June

2:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Meeting at Castleknock Train Station

Bags will be provided but please bring your own gloves and implements

If you have any queries, get in touch on 087 417 9777 or rodericogorman@gmail.com

Press Release – Greens hold successful Royal Canal Clean Up

Roderic O'Gorman and the Dublin West Greens at the 2010 Annual Royal Canal Clean Up


The Dublin West Green Party held their second annual Royal Canal Clean Up on Saturday 17th May.

“We are delighted to have had a very successful second annual Royal Canal Clean Up. Our group met at Castleknock Train Station and worked along the canal bank towards the 12th Lock and then some of the way towards Coolmine Station”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“The level of litter was significantly less than last year, which was encouraging. We still gathered 10 bags of glass bottles, cans, plastic cartons and general waste”.

“There were one or two real black spots. In particular, there is an area off the bridge over the canal at Castleknock Station just beside the canal which is clearly being used regularly as a drinking haunt. There we found hundreds of bottles and cans. I will be contacting Fingal County Council to advise them of ways to block up this particular location”.

“I’d like to thank everyone who came out and also to Fingal County Council for picking up the litter we collected”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Dublin West Green Party annual Canal Bank Clean-Up


The Dublin West Green Party will be holding our annual Canal Bank Clean-Up on Saturday, 15th May. We will be meeting at 2:30 PM at Castleknock Train Station and be cleaning up towards the 12th Lock and then down towards Coolmine Station.

After our Canal Bank Clean-Up was so successful last year, we have decided to make an annual event of it. The Royal Canal is a huge resource in Dublin 15, but unfortunately not everyone respects it. Last year we collected about 15 bags or rubbish, cans, glass and various other types of waste.

 I’d encourage anyone who is free on Saturday to join us, but please, bring your own implements and gloves!

Anti-graffiti and litter funding welcome

Graffiti under Granard Bridge, beside Castleknock Train Station

Graffiti under Granard Bridge, beside Castleknock Train Station





I’m pleased to see that Minister Gormley has allocated Fingal County Council €42,000 to go towards initiatives to tackle litter and graffiti across the area. On the clean-up of the Royal Canal I organised recently, I could see the first hand evidence of the problems that Dublin 15 is having with litter and graffiti. We filled about 15 bags full of cans, beer bottles and plastics and we could have taken a lot more. We could also see the graffiti that has been done to the old stone work around the Granard Bridge at Castleknock Station.


Even at a time of economic downturn, it is important that the Council continues to fight litter and graffiti and receives the support of the Department of the Environment. The money in question can be used for a range of projects including local media campaigns, clean-ups, primary/secondary school competitions, exhibitions and the production of videos, posters and leaflets. There is a particular focus on involving schools and young people and on voluntary initiatives carried out by community groups.


I look forward to seeing Fingal County Council make good and innovative use of this money in Dublin 15 to help tackle litter and graffiti in our community.


Dublin West Greens clean up Royal Canal

Dublin West Greens with rubbish at Castleknock Station

Dublin West Greens with rubbish at Castleknock Station






Green Party Castleknock ward candidate Roderic O’Gorman and Mulhuddart ward candidate, Simon Herbert, have thanked Dublin 15 residents for their support of the Green Party clean up of the Royal Canal between the 12th Lock and Clonsilla Train Station. About 20 volunteers joined in the clean-up on Saturday afternoon, along with Dublin European Election candidate, Deirdre De Burca.


“We had about 20 volunteers out with us today, cleaning the Royal Canal all the way from the 12th Lock bar down to Clonsilla Station. We shifted about 15 sack loads of rubbish – mostly cans and bottles, along with various other items of waste, including at least one dead rat! It’s such a shame that a small minority of people treat the canal in this way. If I’m elected to Fingal County Council in June I intend to work to ensure that the canal and the surrounding area is developed in a way that allows more people to enjoy it”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.


“As we worked our way along the bank, we met lots of people out walking and enjoying the fantastic day. All were really positive about the clean-up that the local Green Party organised, which was part of An Taisce’s National Spring Clean. We would like to thank Fingal County Council for arranging to pick up the rubbish from us at Coolmine Station”, stated Simon Herbert.


The Dublin West Green Party and local volunteers were joined in the clean-up by Dublin European Election candidate for the Green Party, Senator Deirdre De Burca.


“I really enjoyed getting involved in today’s clean-up. Like the rest of Dublin’s waterways, the Royal Canal is a real resource. It provides a green route all the way from Dublin City centre to the Shannon. It has real potential for tourism as well as being a fantastic leisure amenity for walkers and cyclists”, stated Deirdre De Burca.





Roderic discussing litter on the canal with Deirdre De Burca and Noel Spain

Roderic discussing litter on the canal with Deirdre De Burca and Noel Spain

Take part in our Canal Clean-Up – Saturday 18th – 2 PM

Next Saturday (18th April) myself and Simon Herbert (Green candidate in Mulhuddart ward) are taking a break from campaigning to lead a clean up along the Royal Canal as part of National Spring Clean.

We are meeting in two groups – Simon’s group will be meeting at Clonsilla Station and my group will be meeting at Castleknock Train Station. We will be cleaning the area around the two stations, then we will be working along the bank of the Canal and meeting at Coolmine Station.

The clean-up kicks off at 2 PM. Do come and join us. The Royal Canal is a real resource for Dublin 15, but unfortunately it is often littered. Myself and Simon are inviting people from across Dublin 15 to help us give this stretch of the canal a good cleaning

O’Gorman calls for 3 storey height limit as part of Blanchardstown Village Development Strategy

St Bridgets Church, Blanchardstown


Green Party Castleknock ward candidate, Roderic O’Gorman, has called for a 3 storey height limit on any future development in Blanchardstown. The proposal was made as part of his submission to Fingal County Council on the Blanchardstown Village Development Strategy.

“I have urged Fingal County Council to implement a 3 storey height limit on any future developments in the Blanchardstown Village area. We have seen over the last two years attempts by developers to get permission for high rise developments in the centre of Castleknock and Clonsilla villages. While it is unlikely that any major developments will take place in the next year or two, there are locations such as the Superquinn site that builders may in the future wish to develop intensively. It is vital therefore that we insert a height limit of 3 storey’s in the development strategy so developers never get permission to put high rise in the centre of Blanchardstown village”, Roderic O’Gorman.

The submission from the Dublin West Green Party included a number of other points also. Continue reading ‘O’Gorman calls for 3 storey height limit as part of Blanchardstown Village Development Strategy’