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Press Release – Kellystown Rezoning decision a missed opportunity for long-term planning – O’Gorman


Green Party Dublin 15 representative, Roderic O’Gorman has branded as disappointing the decision of Fingal County Council to support the Kellystown rezoning without incorporating a Green Party amendment which would have insured that public transport was in place before any new houses were built. He was speaking after the motion to rezone the Kellystown lands was passed on a 12-10 vote.

“During the public consultation process on the rezoning, I and the Green Party undertook to support the variation, so long as proper conditions were inserted regarding the delivery of public transport infrastructure. Indeed, the stated intention of the rezoning motion was to “consolidate development around planned public transport facilities”. In order to secure the objective of sustainable planning based around ungraded public transport facilities, the Green Party proposed a sensible amendment stating that either the Metro West or the upgrade of the Maynooth line should be completed before any residential building began on the lands. This would not in any way have delayed the school building”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“I was deeply disappointed when Gilbert Power, on behalf of the Council Management Team, refused to accept this reasonable amendment, stating that it would make it impossible for a local area plan for the Kellystown lands to take place. How can the Council management reasonably argue on one hand that the core purpose of this rezoning is to make residential land available in conjunction with public transport, and then on the other hand reject attempts to have that very public transport mentioned as part of the variation? It simply doesn’t make sense”.

The Green Party amendment on public transport was supported by the Green Party councillors and others including Dublin 15 councillors Peggy Hamil, Michael O’Donovan and Ruth Coppinger. Among the Dublin 15 councillors who voted against the public transport amendment were Eithne Loftus, Mags Murray, Brenda Clifford and Margaret Richardson.

“I had made a commitment to residents that the Green Party would support the scheme in the event of the concerns, expressed to me by local people about providing public transport before the houses were built were addressed. As this was not done, the Green councillors reluctantly voted against the variation”.

“While I welcome the fact that land will now be available for schools, it is deeply disappointing that the Council management and a majority of the councillors were not prepared to push for strong guarantees regarding public transport. However, there will be another opportunity to push this issues again a local area plan is being drawn up for Kellystown. At that stage, myself and the Green councillors will fight hard to ensure that proper provision for public transport is written into the LAP”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information
Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

My submission on Kellystown

On Thursday I made a submission on behalf of the Dublin West Green Party to Fingal regarding the Kellystown Variation. I have called for significant amendments to the existing plan, primarily linking the building of new homes with the delivery of the Metro West.

The submission is attached at the bottom of this post if you want to have a look at the detail.

I believe that when Metro West is complete and the Maynooth line has been electrified, the lands at Kellystown will be the best served with public transport in all of Dublin 15, possibly in all of Dublin. The soaring price of oil, and Irelands rapidly rising carbon emissions from transport shows us we have to start designing towns that are based around public transport – with Kellystown, we have the opportunity to start making that change in Dublin 15.

However, in light of previous broken promises about the delivery of infrastructure, I can understand how people are naturally going to be suspicious about allowing more residential building, which could put pressure on already over stretched roads, bus and rail services. That is why in my submission to Fingal County Council I am calling for a condition to be inserted stating that no residential development should take place within these lands until the Metro-West is up and running. This will mean that the transport infrastructure has to be in place before the houses can be developed.

I know there has been some concern regarding the loss of greenbelt that would result from building on Kellystown. However, in recent months, we have seen Fingal County Council undertake a study of greenbelt lands around Tyrrelstown, with the suggestion that new residential development should take place in the future. This area is grossly unsuited to new housing – already the thousands of residents of the estate are poorly served with public transport. I think it is crucial that Fingal County Council move away from zoning land that is isolated, and demonstrate that in future, it will concentrate new homes around high quality public transport links. I know that no one likes to see greenbelt being built upon, but from the point of view of long term sustainability, Kellystown with its public transport infrastructure is the most suitable location in all of Dublin 15 to built houses.

I think it also has to be recognised that the Kellystown variation will provide substantial community gain including much needed land for primary and secondary schools, a large public park and a graveyard. However, before the Council agrees to the variation, it is absolutely vital that the councillors are shown the legal agreements entered into between the developer and the Council management, so that they can be assured that the Community gain will be swiftly taken into public control.

My submission also highlights the need to promote high quality, family friendly homes in Kellystown.

One of the worst aspects of development in the Dublin 15 area has been the construction of high density ‘shoe-box’ apartments, which are not suitable for families. This in turn means that people move on regularly which prevents communities forming. In order to avert this in Kellystown, I am calling for a condition to be inserted stating that any apartments built there will comply with the new Dublin City Council guidelines on apartments, which require larger sized apartments, fewer one bed apartments and more three bed family friendly apartments. By applying these measures to the land at Kellystown, we will ensure that the new community here will be family friendly.


Kellystown Rezoning

As you may know, Fingal County Council is currently proposing a ‘Draft Variation of the County Development Plan’, otherwise known as a rezoning, of 59.5 hectares of land at Kellystown, Dublin 15.
This is an extensive proposal and I summarize the main aspects of it below. The full extent of the plan, including maps, are available for inspection at the Fingal County Council Offices at the Blanchardstown Centre, and also on the internet:

This proposal is of major significance for the Dublin 15 area. The Dublin West Green Party will be making a submission on the proposal – I would be very interested in hearing your views. Please email me at rodericogorman@gmail.com

Should you wish to make your own submission on the proposal, you must do so before end of business on Thursday 5th June. Submissions can be made to Senior Executive Officer, Planning Department, Fingal County Council, County Hall, Swords, Co. Dublin or be emailed to devplan@fingalcoco.ie

All submissions must include your name, address and the name of any group or organisation you represent.

Key aspects of Kellystown Rezoning

Land to be rezoned

o 24.4 hectares to be rezoned from Green Belt to Residential
o 2.8 hectares to be rezoned from Open Space to Suburban Centre
o 32.2 hectares to be rezoned from Green Belt to Open Space

It is proposed to include a number of objectives for the rezoned lands as part of a Local Area Plan (LAP)

1. Create a pedestrian/cyclist bridge connection to enable access to the local facilities in Clonsilla village.
2. Create district level services and employment generating uses (shopping, commercial and office) centred on a high quality public transport interchange.
3. Create a new Public Park of minimum 10ha. in size. This park shall be linked to Porterstown Park, Luttrellstown Road and Beech Park by dedicated pedestrian and cyclist facilities.
4. Development of a linear pedestrian/cyclist link between Clonsilla and Porterstown Stations via open space lands.
5. Protect the rural character and setting of the Luttrellstown Road and enhance its use for pedestrians and cyclists.
6. Facilitate re-location of St Mochtas FC grounds to a new site adjoining the Luttrellstown Road.
7. Programme for development of a railway station to be included as part of the LAP.
8. Provide integrated school and community/recreational facilities which may be developed in advance of the LAP.
9. Prior to the occupation of any development within the Kellystown lands, essential infrastructure shall be completed and be operational.
10. To provide for a burial ground within the Kellystown area.

Before any residential developments are occupied, the following must be completed:

o New distributor road and bridge over the Royal Canal and railway
o Development of public open space of minimum 15 ha. at Beechpark
o Development of a 32 classroom primary school, 1000 pupil post primary school and integrated community recreational facilities at Porterstown Road