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Dublin Bus route changes

As I mentioned last week, Dublin Bus are proposing changes to the bus network across Dublin 15.

The have arranged a public consultation in the Blanchardstown Town Centre on Friday, 14th May about the changes.

They also have provided further details of the proposed changes here.

Planned New Bus Routes for Dublin 15


Dublin Bus has announced its proposed new bus routes for the Dublin 15 area.

There are planning to host public consultation meetings over before any changes are made.

If you have any views on the proposals, please get in touch with me.

Press Release – Resolution on 37X route welcome – O’Gorman


Green Party Dublin West representative, Roderic O’Gorman has welcomed the resolution by Dublin Bus of recent issues regarding the 37X route.

“I recently raised an issue with Dublin Bus regarding the number of unscheduled stops that the 37X service was making on its way to and from UCD. In practice, the service was making a considerable number of stops on what is advertised as a ‘non-stop’ part of the journey on the Dublin Bus website. A number of students from the Diswellstown area had raised the issue with me stating it was unfair that they were charged the extra fair for an ‘express’ service when this was not the service that they were receiving”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“I am pleased to be able to say that Mr. Paddy Doherty, the Operations Manager for Dublin Bus, has been in contact with me and has pledged to address the issue. Clarification notices have been given to all drivers operating the route so that they are aware of where they should and should not be stopping. Dublin Bus has also apologies to the students travelling to Belfield who originally raised the complaint”.

“I glad that this issue has been resolved. Dublin Bus should be commended for moving so quickly on the concerns I raised with them. I will continue to monitor the situation on the 37X service to ensure that these issues do not arise again”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information

Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

Press Release – O’Gorman welcomes Dublin Bus examination of 37 X route after complaints


Dublin West Green Party representative, Roderic O’Gorman has welcomed the statement by Dublin Bus that it will examine the 37 X bus route after receiving a number of complaints.

“I recently received some queries from a number of students using the 37X service that runs from Diswellstown through the City Centre and onto UCD. According to the timetable available on the Dublin Bus website, the 37 X goes from Carpenterstown via Castleknock then non-stop to Hanlon’s Corner, before picking up passengers there and travelling into the city centre and then on to Belfield”.

“However, apparently the bus stops at all bus stops from Castleknock to Hanlon’s Corner. This pattern is repeated on the return journey in the late afternoon – the 37X stops at all stops from Hanlon’s Corner to Auburn Avenue, even though it is advertised that this is a ‘non-stop’ part of the journey”.

“Obviously, the 37X is advertised as an ‘express’ service – hence the €2.50 fare is different to other fares. However, it seems that in reality, the service is not any different from the usual 37, on the relevant stretches of the journey. What is the point of charging people extra if they are not going to get the faster service?”.

“I’ve contacted Dublin Bus on this issue and raised the complaints made by the students. I’m glad to be able to say that the company have agree to examine the complaints and come back to me with clarification on the issue”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information

Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

Safety concerns over Blanchardstown Bus Stop – O’Gorman






Green Party Dublin West representative, Roderic O’Gorman has called on Dublin Bus to clarify the situation with a bus stop in Blanchardstown village, after local residents suffered late night anti-social behaviour.


“I was recently contacted by residents of Blanchardstown Village regarding their concerns about the inbound bus stop in Blanchardstown Village on the Old Navan Road, opposite the Bell Pub. The residents outlined to me extensive disturbances that they have been suffering at night as a result of drunk people congregating at the bus stop. This includes late night noise, rubbish and people urinating on gates. In one case, a class bottle was thrown at a house, shattering beside a child’s bedroom window”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.


“The residents have been contact with both Dublin Bus and the Gardai about the possibility of moving the bus stop to a nearby site, closer to the village, at the old taxi rank beside Abrakebabra. However, no definitive decision has been taken at this point”.


“I am calling on Dublin Bus to quickly clarify whether they are in a position to move the bus lane in question. It’s not right that local families should be disturbed to this extent in their own homes”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.





Further Information

Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

See which Dublin City Councillors voted to shut our bus gate


A list of the Dublin City councillors who voted in favour of restricting the College Green Bus Gate, and those who voted to keep in open, is available here on the Dublin Cycling Campaign Website.


Check it out.

Two interesting reports on Transport

The Department of Transport have published two intersesting documents on transport.

The first is Smarter Travel – A Sustainable Transport Future.
This sets out the Governments plan to reduce congestion, cut CO2 emissions and help car based commuters to leave their cars at home.

The second is the Deloitte efficiency review of Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann.

This report highlights some of the major problems with Dublin Bus such as the lack of real time information and a number of buses arriving at the same time.