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Dublin West Greens clean up Royal Canal

Dublin West Greens with rubbish at Castleknock Station

Dublin West Greens with rubbish at Castleknock Station






Green Party Castleknock ward candidate Roderic O’Gorman and Mulhuddart ward candidate, Simon Herbert, have thanked Dublin 15 residents for their support of the Green Party clean up of the Royal Canal between the 12th Lock and Clonsilla Train Station. About 20 volunteers joined in the clean-up on Saturday afternoon, along with Dublin European Election candidate, Deirdre De Burca.


“We had about 20 volunteers out with us today, cleaning the Royal Canal all the way from the 12th Lock bar down to Clonsilla Station. We shifted about 15 sack loads of rubbish – mostly cans and bottles, along with various other items of waste, including at least one dead rat! It’s such a shame that a small minority of people treat the canal in this way. If I’m elected to Fingal County Council in June I intend to work to ensure that the canal and the surrounding area is developed in a way that allows more people to enjoy it”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.


“As we worked our way along the bank, we met lots of people out walking and enjoying the fantastic day. All were really positive about the clean-up that the local Green Party organised, which was part of An Taisce’s National Spring Clean. We would like to thank Fingal County Council for arranging to pick up the rubbish from us at Coolmine Station”, stated Simon Herbert.


The Dublin West Green Party and local volunteers were joined in the clean-up by Dublin European Election candidate for the Green Party, Senator Deirdre De Burca.


“I really enjoyed getting involved in today’s clean-up. Like the rest of Dublin’s waterways, the Royal Canal is a real resource. It provides a green route all the way from Dublin City centre to the Shannon. It has real potential for tourism as well as being a fantastic leisure amenity for walkers and cyclists”, stated Deirdre De Burca.





Roderic discussing litter on the canal with Deirdre De Burca and Noel Spain

Roderic discussing litter on the canal with Deirdre De Burca and Noel Spain

Deirdre De Burca launches her Euro-election campaign

Green Party European Election candidate, Sen. Deirdre De Burca and Roderic O'Gorman

Green Party European Election candidate, Sen. Deirdre De Burca and Roderic O'Gorman

I attended Sen. Deirdre De Burca’s campaign launch for the Euro Elections last night in the Science Gallery in Trinity. A really enjoyable evening.

Deirdre has created a fantastic website – www.whatistandfor.ie . This contains a number of Youtube videos in which she sets out the key issues upon which she is campaigning – green jobs for Dublin, more democracy within the European Parliament etc.

A key element of the website is that people can upload their own views on what they believe is important. I know a key concern of Deirdre’s is how detached the public are from politics at the European level. This is why she wants to create a conversation (terrible cliché but its genuine here!) about what voters in Dublin would like to see their MEP doing.

The website is also integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and Myspace. I’m pretty proud of this site but I think Deirdre’s sets a whole new level in the Irish context.

I am Deirdre’s first substitute candidate for the Euro-Elections. That means that if Deirdre gets elected and something happens that means she can’t continue being an MEP, I would replace her. This has led to a lot of joking along the lines of if she does win the seat in Dublin, she should never let me walk behind her down a stairs!!

I’ve known Deirdre for a long time and she has always been hugely interested and knowledgeable about European issues. At a time when a large amount of our national laws originate through the European Union, I believe she will be a hardworking representative for the people of Dublin and I urge you to give her your No 1. vote in the European Elections on 5th June

Press Release – Greens Select Deirdre De Burca as Euro Election Candidate

Green Party European Election candidate, Sen. Deirdre De Burca and Roderic O'Gorman

Green Party European Election candidate, Sen. Deirdre De Burca and Roderic O'Gorman


Green Party Castleknock ward candidate, Roderic O’Gorman has welcomed the selection of Senator Deirdre De Burca as the party’s candidate to run in the Dublin Constituency in the Euro Elections next year. At the selection convention in Liberty Hall, Roderic O’Gorman was chosen as the party’s ‘first replacement’ for Senator De Burca.

Speaking after the selection convention, Senator de Burca stated:

“I am delighted to have been chosen to represent the Green Party in the European elections next year. The Greens have a real chance of regaining an MEP for Dublin. We held this seat from 1994 to 2004 and I am looking forward to an exciting and challenging election campaign”.

“The EU has shown excellent leadership on issues close to Green Party hearts such as human rights and environmental protection and has shown itself to be an international leader on climate change. The Greens in Europe have been at the centre of this movement. I feel it is important that the Irish Green Party is part of the progressive politics that are happening now at an EU level”.

At the selection convention in Liberty Hall, Castleknock ward candidate, Roderic O’Gorman was selected as the ‘first replacement’ for Sen. De Burca. This position means that should Sen De Burca be elected an MEP but be unable to continue in the role, Roderic O’Gorman would become the MEP for Dublin without the need for a by-election.

“I’m delighted that the Green Party are running a strong candidate like Deirdre De Burca in the European Elections. I believe on issues like climate change, energy and human rights, Deirdre will bring a distinctive voice to the election campaign and I will be working hard to help her get elected”.

“I’m also very pleased to have been chosen by the Dublin members of the Green Party for the position of first replacement. While right now my priority is being elected for the Castleknock/Blanchardstown ward so I can represent Dublin 15 on Fingal County Council, I have a major interest in European affairs as a lecturer in EU law”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


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