At the February Area Committee Meeting the Dublin 15 County Councillors approved the Castleknock/Mulhuddart Ongar operations areas programme of works for 2022.

Works totalling € 1,959,000 will be carried out in 2022. A summary of the work can be seen on the table below.

Restoration Improvement Works & Maintenance€ 840,000
Minor Works Improvement Programme€ 403,000
Traffic Management Schemes€ 320,000
Parks and Open Spaces€ 335,000
Public Lighting€ 61,000

Restoration Improvement Works and Maintenance

The areas which will have restoration improvement works and maintenance in 2022 are – Rugged Lane, Tower Road, Ramor Park and Hazel Lawn, Coolmine Road, Ashfield Gardens and Grove, Charnwood Avenue, Maple Avenue and Lawn, Deerpark Road, The Boulevard in Tyrellstown and College Park.

Footpath Improvement Works

The following areas have been allocated € 25,000 each for foothpath improvement works – Dunsandle/Peck’s Lane, Park Drive/Avenue, Clonsilla Road, Hunter’s Run – Deerhaven, Hartstown – Oakview, Huntstown – Ashfield, Castlecurragh Road, Mulhuddart Village, St. Margaret’s Road, Ramor Park/Rushbrook, Carpenterstown – Laverna and Sycamore.

There has also been € 103,000 allocated to the repair of cycle paths in Littlepace (L3025), Laraghcon, Kilshane Way and Melville Way.

Traffic Management Schemes

The traffic management schemes for 2022 fall under five categories – traffic signals, traffic calming, traffic calming replacements, vehicle activated signs and bus disabled bay parking. I’ve set out the details in the table below.

Traffic signals  
Entrance to Allendale SquareRaised zebra crossing€ 60,000
Grove Road – Snugborough RoadUpgrade all signals to LED and MOVA. Upgrade civil works€ 110,000
Beechpark AvenueRaised zebra crossing€ 230,000
Traffic Calming  
St Mochta’s1 new ramp€ 3,000
Castleknock Avenue10 new ramps€ 30,000
Lower Road4 new ramps€ 12,000
Lohunda DownsRefuge island€ 9,000
Traffic Calming Replacements  
Mulhuddart Road – outside Saddlers EstateCushion replacement€ 13,000
Vehicle Activated Signs  
L3125 Littlepace Distributor Rd2 new VAS€ 7,000
Waterville Road2 new VAS € 7,000
Bus Disabled Parking Bay  
Mulhuddart VillageInstall disabled bay for bus€ 9,000

Parks and Open Spaces

Lots of work has been listed for 2022 in the parks and open spaces throughout Dublin 15. General improvement works which will be carried out throughout the area include tree planting, tree works, annual bulb planning, sowing of wildflower areas and maintenance, floral displays (replating in villages and new planters to be installed in new location, hot foam application (which replaces pesticide use), replacement/upgrade of bins in open spaces and the installation of benches.

Specific works have been listed for various areas in Dublin 15. This work include pollinator planning scheme, repairs of footpaths in open spaces, additional planting as well as installation of adult exercise equipment in Whitestown.

Public Lighting

New lighting will be installed in the following five locations this year – Woodvale Grove, Glenville Road to Brompton, Whitestown Avenue – Whitestown Park, Porterstown Road – Castleknock Hotel and Roselawn Drive – Hazel Lawn.