💻 I will be hosting an online Zoom public meeting on the Aircraft Noise consultation on Tuesday, 15 February 2022 at 7:30pm.

What’s this about?

🛫 Dublin Airport are building a new runway, and the Dublin Airport Authority has applied for permission to change some of the planning restrictions on how that runway and airport night-time flying will operate.

🛬 The Aircraft Noise Competent Authority (ANCA) has examined the proposed changes, and said that these changes would result in an increase in noise. 📈 In light of this, they are running a public consultation on its draft recommendations on limiting and reducing the impacts of night-time noise at the Airport.

📧 To register for my public meeting, email my office at Roderic.ogorman@oir.ie.

More info ℹ️ :

🗓 The ANCA’s public consultation will remain open until 28th February 2022. The ANCA’s draft recommendations are:

🛩 Introduce a Noise Abatement Objective for the airport, which would see aircraft noise halved by 2050

✈️ Give Dublin Airport a Noise Quota System or noise budget for night-time flying btween 11pm and 7am, including banning very loud planes from flying at night

🌃 Restrict flights on the new north runway between midnight and 6am

🏠 Provide a new insultation grant of up to €20,000 for residents most affected by night-time noise from Dublin Airport and who have not previously availed of a grant

For more information, visit: https://consult.fingal.ie/…/aircraft-noise-consultation