Over the last few weeks I have been canvassing all over Dublin West for the upcoming election. It is clear from the constituents that I have met that there is a strong desire for change across the constituency. People want to see progress in relation to Housing, Health and Climate Action. This Saturday, we have an opportunity to deliver real change for the people of Dublin West by electing a Green Party TD to the Dáil for the first time. I was proud to top the poll in last year’s local elections and I would like to ask you once again to give me your No.1 vote on Saturday. 

Growing up in Dublin West, I have witnessed the growing strain that our schools, hospital and transport system are under as the area becomes increasingly developed. More houses will be built in response to the housing crisis and it is vital that the provision of proper services, such as schools, public transport and childcare, are incorporated as part of the planning process and not left to be dealt with after the building has taken place.

My election manifesto focuses on supporting our growing community so that people can safely live, work and raise their families, while simultaneously protecting and improving our environment.

If you would like to read more about the Green Party Election Manifesto, you can do so here.