I’ve continued to work on the issue of the pyrite contamination in the foundations of St. Patricks National School, and the resulting impact that this has on the ability of the school to provide sufficient spaces for students in its catchment area, and the creation of an ASD unit attached to the school. Through Dail questions put down by my Green Party colleagues, I was able to discover the large amounts of money being spent on this and other schools while the Department waits to complete the legal action against the builders.

At the November Council meeting, I requested that Fingal County Council write to the Department of Education and ask that the land in front of the school would be either sold to the school or provided via a long term lease. This land could be used in the short term to provide space for the school to move to while the major works needed to clear the pyrite out of the foundations would take place. After this is done, it could be used for the provision of extra classroom space, an ASD unit and also green space for the children in the school to use.

You can see the discussion of this issue at the Fingal meeting here. Fingal have now written to the Department and we await their response.