BusConnects 2nd Round proposals for Dublin 15

There are big changes coming for Dublin’s bus network. Last year, the National Transport Authority (NTA) put out a draft plan for making major changes to bus routes across the city. They also have put out a separate plan for increasing the number of bus-lanes (and cycle lanes).

Over 30,000 submissions came in from Dubliners about the proposed new routes. The NTA have now come back with a redrafted plan.

I’m glad to see that they’ve taken onboard a number of changes that I suggested for the Dublin West area, but there’s still more work to do to get the best services possible for commuters in the area.

I’ve tried to summarise the main parts of the plan for different areas in Dublin 15 & Dublin 7 below. The deadline for submissions for the next round is 3 December. It is really important that people make their views knows on the new proposals. Remember, if you are happy with what is planned for your area, it is important to make these submissions too.

You can make comments via www.BusConnects.ie Feel free to send me on a copy of your views to rodericogorman@gmail.com

Ladyswell & Corduff

The B3 route will go from Hollywoodrath down Church Road, through Castlecurragh to Blanchardstown Road North, then into the Town Centre and into the City Centre.

The 35 route will go from the Town Centre, through Corduff (Blackcourt Road), then along Waterville Road, Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown village (via Mill Road) the onto Castleknock village and back out onto the N3 and through the city centre to Burlington Road

There will be a peak time Route 363 starting in Damastown, going through Ladyswell, Castlecurragh, Corduff and then onto the N3 into the City Centre (operate every 15 minutes inbound from 7-9am and outbound from 4-7pm each weekday).

The 263 local route will link Damastown to the Town Centre via Mulhuddart village.

Tyrrelstown & Hollystown

Under these new proposals, Tyrrelstown will now get a spur of the B Spine line called the B3. This will go from Tyrrelstown to the Town Centre via Castlelcurragh, then down the Navan Road, through the city and all the way across to Dun Laoghaire. This service will run every 10-15 minutes. This will be a significant improved service for Tyrrelstown, both in terms of link to the city centre and to the town centre.

Tyrrelstown will also continue to be linked to Broombridge via the 262 (replacing the current 40E).

The new proposals are disappointing in terms of what they do for Hollystown. The new 262 route starts at the roundabout opposite Hollywoodrath Crescent, rather than at the Swing roundabout. This is a step back in terms of the recent improvements in access to bus services that was achieved for Hollystown. An extension of either the B3 or the 262 to the Swing roundabout is needed at minimum to maintain the existing service.

Blanchardstown Village & Clonsilla Road

Under this draft, Blanch village and the Clonsilla Road are served by the local 261 route, which does a loop from the Town Centre, through the village, Waterville, Ballycoolin Industrial estate, TU Dublin and back to the Town Centre.

Blanch village will also be served by the 35 route, which goes from the Town Centre through Corduff, Waterville/Connolly Hospital, then comes up Mill Road via a new bus-gate, through the village and then onto Castleknock village and into the city centre.

There is a new peak-hours service added under this draft – Route 365. This goes from outside Luttrellstown Community College, over the Dr. Troy Bridge, then along the Clonsilla Road, through Blanch village and onto the N3 and into the city centre. It will operate every 15 minutes inbound from 7-9am and outbound from 4-7pm each weekday.

However, this still leaves the residents along the Clonsilla Road without a daytime service which bring them all the way into the city centre.

Carpenterstown & Castleknock

A significant improvement in this draft is that both the new 34 and 35 routes (replacements for the 37 and 38) will now go across city and end at Burlington Road. The frequency of the 34 has also been increased to every 20 minutes for much of the day.

For people in the Diswellstown area, a peak hours service, the 365, will operate every 15 minutes inbound from 7-9am and outbound from 4-7pm each weekday, from outside Luttrellstown Community College.


The 36 Route will go from Rathbourne village, through all of the Pelletstown development, over the Ratoath Road bridge, then through Cabra (Faussagh Ave), Phibsborough and across the City Centre to Ballsbridge.

BusConnects 2nd Round proposals for Ashtown/Pelletstown

Ashtown / Navan Road

Route 97 will replace the 122, start at Ashington Park and travel through Cabra, ()down the Cabra Road and on to Parnell St.

The Navan Road will be served by all the B Spine routes (B1, 2, 3 & 4) along with the 34 and 35 routes.

The N2 is an orbital route (starting at Clontarf Road station) which will go along the Ballyboggan Road, Broombridge station, down the Nephin Road () and along Blackhorse Ave to Heuston Station.