The green space beside Castleknock Train Stations has recently had fixed benches installed and the Council are making provision for a footpath to the train station. While these are welcome, I feel that more could be done to the area to make it a more useful amenity to the residents of Laurel Lodge. I have asked the Operations Department if they have any plans active recreation in this area, such as installing some small goals, fixed fitness equipment or a playground. The Operations Department have no plans to install goals, but they are going to investigate the possibility of installing some fixed fitness equipment in the area as part of future works. They are also open to considering the creation of a playground, if there is demand for it in the area. You can see the discussion of the issues at the Council meeting here.

Subsequently, I’ve had a chat with Paul Smyth (Fingal’s Director of Operations for Dublin 15) and he’s really open to looking at a plan for a playground at an appropriate location in the green.