Dead fish in the Tolka near Mulhuddart bridge

It is incredibly frustrating to report that there has been another fish kill on the Tolka River, less than a year after a previous fish kill.

It appears that a sewer pipe near Littlepace estate blocked, overflowed and the sewage flowed under the N3 and pooled on the northside  of the road, then subsequently flowed into the Tolka. A number of dead mature fish have been found in the river below the Mulhuddart bridge.

This is the second fish kill caused by a blocked sewage pipe on the Tolka in two years. Last year, a tire dumped under a manhole blocked a pipe and caused a leak into the river, which resulted in a major fish-kill. This weekend’s leak is further upstream in the river.

Both Inland Fisheries Ireland and Fingal County Council are working to unblock the sewer and remove any remaining waste. They are also investigating the cause. While we must await the outcome of this investigation, Irish Water must have serious questions about how their sewers have leaked again. I will be raising this at the next Fingal County Council meeting.

It is so frustrating to see this happening again. Local clubs like the Tolka River Environmental Alliance have done so much over a number of years to re-stock and rejuvenate the river. All this work can be wiped away in a matter of hours by effluent entering the river. There must be improved monitoring measures undertaken by Irish Water to ensure that this does not happen again.