The BusConnects public consultation has now begun, and will run till mid-September. People can make their submissions via the website, or by emailing

Proposed new bus netword for Dublin 15. Service level at 12 noon.

In judging whether you think the proposals for your area are good or bad, it is important to look at three separate parts of the report.

  1. Look at the proposed new route maps here This shows what the level of services will be like at 12 noon on a weekday. Make sure you look at the key at the far right hand side of the map to see what the different colours mean. (You can compare it with the current route map here)
  2. Look at the schedule of frequencies for each line at all times of the week. This tells you how often each bus will travel under the new system. You can find it under the link here.
  3. Look at the proposed extra peak hour morning and evening services here. These are some extra services, over and above those set out above. There are two that are relevant to Dublin 15, the 363 (Damastown – Castlecurragh – Corduff – City Centre) and 360 (Hartstown – Huntstown – Town Centre – City Centre.

On Friday, myself and other members of Fingal’s Transportation Committee met with Hugh Creegan of the National Transport Authority and Jarret Walker, who is the lead consultant on the BusConnects proposal.

It was a useful meeting in that it allowed clarification on some key items, but other important questions remain:

  • People commuting from the Ongar and Clonsilla area will not have to change buses at the Blanchardstown Centre on either the inbound or outbound journey. This proposed new ‘B’ route will go all the way from the city centre to Blanchardstown Town Centre every 8 minutes. At the Town Centre, every second bus will travel to Ongar via Huntstown and Hartstown, while the others will go via Clonsilla.
  • The NTA understand that, in order for the proposed new plan to work, major changes will have to be made to the Blanchardstown Town Centre as it will be the major hub for Dublin 15. They will be bringing forward details in October about the infrastructure changes they are proposing to make here. However, they accepted that there will have to be a significant improvement in waiting facilities at the Town Centre and that the needs of persons with disabilities would be taken account of here.
  • I highlighted to the officials that there are insufficient direct routes to Blanchardstown Institute of Technology provided under the new plan, and they have said they would examine this.
  • I am highlighted my concerned about the proposed 5 minute decrease in off-peak frequency on the 37 route. This will negatively impact upon some communities along this route, particularly those living in Luttrellstown and Diswellstown. The NTA response is that off-peak services on the Maynooth line will go to every 30 minutes, which will assist this area.
  • It is worth nothing that the 37 would no longer travel down Screen Road, which would shave some time of the journey time and is a positive step”.
  • I told the NTA that they should reconsider the removal of direct routes from parts of Blanchardstown along the Clonsilla Road and the absence of direct routes from Littlepace/Castaheany.

If you have any specific questions about aspects of the BusConnects project, let me know and I can put them to the NTA and get a response back to you.