I have significant concerns about the public transport elements for Dublin 15 of the newly published National Development Plan 2018-27.

The new Plan make no reference to operating Bus Rapid Transit in Dublin, even though the Plan mentions it for Cork. Instead, there is a reference to the BusConnects project and the construction of  “… ‘next generation’ bus corridors on the busiest routes”. However, the completion date for this project is 2027, a further nine years away. We were told by the National Transport Authority that there would be movement on the Ongar to UCD Bus Rapid Transit this year. We need to know if this is now in doubt.

The new Plan is extremely vague about the DART Expansion Programme. First of all, the completion date is also set for 2027. But more significantly, the Plan implies that to begin with, the main focus is on further re-signalling and enhanced use of the Phoenix Park Tunnel.  It is completely unclear at what point the Government actually plan to extend the DART to Maynooth and provide the vital extra capacity the Dublin 15 stations.

Finally, there is no reference to the delivery of new stations like Pelletstown. The fate of this station has dragged on for so long, it would have been reassuring to have seen it referenced in the Plan and given a clear delivery date.

A 2027 completion date for public transport projects is no use to commuters living in Dublin West now. It is no use to future commuters who will live in the thousands of homes currently being built across the area. The Government need to give specifics on what measures are being taken and when they will be delivered.

Elements of the National Development Plan on public transport