At the Fingal Transportation Strategic Policy Committee I attended earlier this week, it was announced that Fingal are proposing to undertake a pilot scheme of a bike sharing scheme in Dublin 15. The pilot scheme will use dockless bikes and as such, will be different to the Dublin Bikes scheme.

I’m absolutely delighted that Fingal are going ahead with this proposal . This has the potential to be hugely useful to Dublin 15 residents seeking to move quickly and easily between locations in the area.

While the Dublin Bikes scheme in Dublin City requires users to pick up and drop off bikes at a specific docking station, the plan for Dublin 15 is to use a system where bikes are picked up and dropped off within specific areas. The bikes will be self-locking, which means they cannot be taken by anyone who is not a member of the sharing system. This system will not require the expensive infrastructure of a docking station, and is therefore far more flexible.

Fingal plan to pick a number of locations in Dublin 15 to use as pick-up/drop-off points. I look forward to working with the Council to identifying suitable locations, with a strong focus on public transport hubs like train stations, the Blanchardstown Town Centre, and our villages. This will add an attractive new transport option for many Dublin 15 residents.