I’m delighted to have been selected to represent the Green Party in the

next general election here in Dublin West. My campaign will focus on the need to provide affordable housing in the area, improving our public transport links to the city, high-quality childcare and of course, improving the quality of the environment in which we all live.

As a county councillor, I see first-hand the impact of the Housing Crisis on families and individuals. It is vital that the next Government put a far greater focus on the building of social houses, but also measures to stop the increases in rent rates and to ensure housing affordability for persons looking to buy. In areas like Dublin West, which are already badly congested, improved public transport must be provided so that new and existing residents can commute to and from work.

We don’t know when the next general election will be held, but I’m looking forward to a vigorous contest and will be putting forward my case as to why I should be the first Green Party TD for Dublin West.