Later this week I’ll be attending a seminar being organised by the National Transport Authority on the review of routes in the Dublin 15 area. This is part of the major Busconnects scheme to improve public transport across the city.

It is essential that the review of bus routes that the National Transport Authority is undertaking ensures that there are more direct routes from those communities at the very edge of Dublin, straight into the city centre. While the 37, 38 and 39 routes all now have regular services, it still takes an extremely long time to get from places like, Ongar, Tyrrelstown or Carpenterstown to the city centre, mainly because the buses have to travel such long routes and make so many stops. There needs to be more services which just serve these estates on the edge of the city and then go directly into town. This would be far more attractive for commuters.

Another regular complaint I get from people living in Blanchardstown is how difficult it is to get to Castleknock or the Blanchardstown Town Centre during the day. A number of years ago, the frequency of services passing through Blanchardstown village and the Clonsilla Road was significantly reduced. This has limited the options for people, particularly older persons, who are willing to use the bus if there is a consistent services. I hope we can do something to reverse this in the review.

This review of local bus services, combined with the proposed introduction of a Bus Rapid Transit route from Blanchardstown Centre to UCD, create the opportunity to radically enhance bus services in Dublin 15. I’m looking forward to working with the National Transport Authority to improve the commuter experience.

If you have any suggestions they would like me to feed into the process, please get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Review of Dublin 15 bus routes must create more direct routes to city centre and facilitate local communities

  1. Hi why can’t there be some slight diversion of the 39 or 39a service to link up with the luas in either broombridge or phibsboro or within 5 minute walking distance .I commute to adelaide road on the southside from huntstown every day and some days it takes 1 hour 30 minutes to get home , if the bus slightly diverted up towards phibsboro like the 38 service commuters could hop on the luas all the way to brides glen. The amount of time on the bus going up the quays at this stage i would be quicker getting to work from dundalk!! No joined up thinking by the nta

  2. That’s a good idea.
    There’s a big review of bus routes being conducted at the moment (BusConnects). We are expecting to see the first draft in the next few weeks. It will go out to public consultation, and that’ an opportunity to push for links with the Luas stops (if they aren’t included already).

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