Crime statistics for Blanchardstown Station, now including domestic violence figures.
Crime statistics for Blanchardstown Station, now including domestic violence figures.

I am pleased that the Gardai have agreed to my request to provide domestic violence statistics as part of the range of statistics that are presented to councillors and community representatives at the quarterly meetings of the Fingal Joint Policing Committee. While up to know, we have been presented with statistics on a wide range of offences from burglary to possession of drugs, the figures on domestic violence incidents have not been highlighted to us. Domestic violence statistics will now be provided by the Gardai at all future meetings from the stations in our area (Blanchardstown, Balbriggan, Swords & Howth).

I was concerned that by not reviewing these figures, we were failing to shine a light on the incidents of domestic violence that occur within Fingal. In a major piece of research undertaken by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency in 2014, it was shown that 79% of women in Ireland who had experienced domestic violence did not get in touch with the Gardai, following the most serious incidence of violence. This demonstrates that domestic violence remains a deeply hidden issue within Irish societyā€¯.

In light of this, I believe that it is absolutely crucial that where people go and report such assaults to the Gardai, these figures should not be ignored. That is why I felt it critically important that these domestic violence statistics should be presented to elected representatives attending the Fingal Joint Policing Committee on a quarterly basis. This way, we keep the problem visible. I will be encouraging my Green Party colleagues sitting on other Joint Policing Committees across the country to request the same information for their areas.

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