New ecar charge point on Mill Road, Blanchardstown
New ecar charge point on Mill Road, Blanchardstown

I’m pleased that that Fingal County Council had identified locations and permitted the installation of these free public e-car charge points by the ESB. The charge points are on Park Avenue in Castleknock and Mill Road in Blanchardstown. What is good about these new points is that they are on the public road and are therefore free to access. All the charge points previously in Dublin 15 were on private property, and there were questions about the cost of using them.

The ESB have been rolling out these public charge points across the country over the last few years. They are provided at no cost to the local authority, other than finding a location to install them. I’ve been pushing to have more of these free e-car charge points in Dublin 15 since I was elected last year, as Fingal was behind some other local authorities in terms of getting them installed.

Consumers continue to buy e-cars as they seem them as cheaper and more efficient to run, as well as their environmental benefits. This new charging infrastructure in Dublin 15 means that users now have even greater opportunity to use them.


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