Yesterday, at the Castleknock-Mulhuddart local area committee of Fingal County Council, I raised some concerns about the traffic survey that had been submitted as part of the Aldi planning application for a two storey store and 20 three storey houses in Clonsilla village.

This site, close to Lambourn, has long been the subject of planning applications to build a supermarket and housing units.

One element of this new application that really concerns me is the traffic submission. The applicants state that they only assessed the impact that this development would have on traffic between 4:00pm-7:00pm in the evening. They claim that, as the store would only open at 9:00am, they do not need to assess its impact on morning traffic.

I think this approach is deeply flawed. Anyone who drives through Clonsilla village in the morning knows that it suffers from significant backlogs of traffic, generated by the level crossing, St Mochta’s NS and more generally, the large number of people living in the area.

I have specifically asked the Fingal County Council planners considering this application, to give very careful consideration as to whether this planning application has properly assessed the impact of this major development on traffic in an already congested village.

2 thoughts on “My concern about the traffic survey being used in the Aldi planning application for Clonsilla village

  1. Roderick, I note your concern regarding the increased volume of traffic on the Clonsilla road if so many houses and the construction of the Aldi store goes ahead as is.I am also very concerned as there does not seem to be any address to the issue of how so many extra cars, vans and lorries are supposed to use that narrow road without causing major delays. Also I don’t understand why Aldi is looking to open a store there when they have done so in Mulhuddart that is only ten minutes away. Noted that major road widening and a change to the junction and bridge access have all been carried out in Mulhuddart which have helped to keep traffic to a minimum

  2. Marguerite, sorry about the delay in responding. The Council has asked for additional information from the developer, specifically focused on the traffic issue, which suggests that the Council is also concerned about the traffic issue. We will have to wait to see what the developer comes back with.

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