Some positive developments regarding the ongoing saga of development in Castleknock village.


At the Castleknock/Mulhuddart area committee of Fingal County Council last Thursday, an official from the Council’s Planning Department stated that the Council was prepared to undertake a new urban centre strategy for the village, involving consultation with local residents and elected officials. This is good news and represents the first acknowledgement by the Council of the need to rewrite the flawed urban centre strategy from 2008.


However, this move will only give real benefit if An Bord Pleanala follows the lead of the Council and rejects the appeal by Lidl regarding their proposed development at the Flower Shop site.


I have submitted an observation on the Lidl appeal to An Bord Pleanala, calling on the board to uphold the rejection by Fingal County Council. The Lidl application does not make provision for adequate car parking for future shoppers, nor did the application take sufficient account of the large volume of traffic in Castleknock village.


In my observation, I also indicated to An Bord Pleanala that Fingal had made the statement that it planned to rewrite the urban centre strategy for Castleknock. I believe it is important that the board gives consideration to this fact, as it makes it clear that the old urban centre strategy which Lidl is using as the basis for its application, no longer has any support.


Myself and other local representatives have worked hard to ensure that any development in Castleknock village is appropriate. With this plan to rewrite the urban centre strategy, we have an opportunity to do just that. However, this is dependent on An Bord Pleanala making the right call and rejecting the appeal by Lidl.


Today (Mon 8th) is the last day for making submissions.

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