Blind corner at Somerton Park crossing
Blind corner at Somerton Park crossing

I’m putting forward a motion at the Castleknock-Mulhuddart area committee this Thursday that pedestrian lights should be installed at the entrance to Somerton Park on the Porterstown Road. This is an issue that was raised with me on numerous occasions during the local election campaign.


Visibility at the current crossing point is poor, particularly from the club side of the road. It is hard to see more than 20 metres to the right, and traffic moves quickly, having just come up under the M50 on a straightened section of road.


Castleknock GAA is a thriving club and a huge number of people, particularly kids, use this crossing. It is vital we make it as safe as possible for people to walk and cycle to Somerton Park. I hope the other councillors will support me on this motion.

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