Fingal County Council are currently undertaking a public consultation on their proposal to develop a bicycle lane running from the Phoenix Park gates to Blanchardstown Garda Station, which will pass through Blanchardstown and Castleknock villages.

The detail of the plan can be seen in the Fingal CC offices in the Blanchardstown Town Centre or you can access them online here. The main features include:

1. The construction of new cycle tracks and improved pedestrian facilities along the route.

2. The removal of some elements of the bus lane through Blanchardstown village and the upgrading of existing bus stops.

3. The removal of some parking spaces along Blanchardstown Main Street.

4. A 30kph speed limit zone along Blanchardstown Main Street between the entrance to Ramor Park and the junction with the River Road.

5. A new crossing point over the old Navan Road between the Bell Pub and the Woods End apartments

6. Widening of the footpath along the Granard Bridge towards Castleknock Train Station, an underpass for those using the Royal Canal and the provision of two pedestrian/cyclist bridges paralleling the western side of Castleknock Road.

7. Landscaping works and tree planting along the route to replace some trees that will be removed, including a number along the Castleknock Road at Laurel Lodge.

The deadline for public submissions is 5.00pm Thursday 13th March 2014. Please send your submission to ‘Senior Executive  Officer,           Planning       & Strategic Infrastructure Department, Fingal County Council, Main Street, Swords, Co Dublin’ or e-mail

While the overall scheme of the proposal is positive, there may be elements that need to be fine tuned in light of public views. If you are planning to make a submission, I would appreciate if you could send me a copy of your views at

2 thoughts on “Phoenix Park to Blanchardstown cycle lane

  1. Hi Roderic
    A few observations to add
    – the plan includes the destruction of magnificent trees facing the Castleknock Rd at the Laurel Lodge parklands
    (following the destruction of trees and urban hedgerows in Blanchardstown village)

    – also the negative visual impact on the Granard bridge

    – what is the cost of the proposed route?

    – though you mention pedestrian facilities, this is focused on improving facilities for cyclists who are passing through

    – new bridges are not needed! There is an existing pedestrian & cyclist bridge already there over the M50, between Castleknock Tennis Club and the Old Navan Rd.
    This route would save a lot of money but may not be grandiose enough for Fingalcoco planners & some councillors?

  2. Hi Billy,
    Thanks for your input.

    I’d agree with you regarding the trees at Laurel Lodge – I see no real need to remove them and I’ll be saying as much in my submission.

    The cost – there is a figure of 100,000 quoted for the two cycle lane projects being undertaken for D15 on Min Varadkar’s website

    Regarding Granard bridge – I think the new cycle/pedestrian bridge could be designed sympathetically – certainly when you think of the Liffey Boardwalk they’ve managed to combine the new with the old stonework successfully.

    There are significant pedestrian improvements. Toucan crossing at the Park Drive / Castleknock road roundabout. New crossing point across Navan Road. But in particular, along the heading towards Castleknock Train Station from Blanchardstown. The footpath there is lethal at the moment (I use it twice most days) and I’ve been calling for it to be widened for years
    Under this proposal, there will be major changes here, which will benefit pedestrians as well as cyclists.

    Finally – should cyclists go around via the M50 bridge? I suppose, as in (admittedly irregular) cyclist, it won’t encourage me to cycle more if, when wanted to go from Blanch to Cknock village or the Park, I’m expected to go a longer route.

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