Recently, I’ve had some concerns raised with me about the lack of lighting between the Waterville Estate and Blanchardstown village, along the Mill Road. The situation is particularly bad around the bus stops in the grounds of Connolly Hospital and where the road crosses the Tolka river and beneath the N3 underpass.

I have identified four street lights that are currently not working on this stretch of road. Further, two of the four lights in the underpass below the N3 are also not functioning. I been in touch with Fingal County Council and they will undertake repairs on those lights within their jurisdiction. I’ve also contacted Airtricity, which deals with public lighting in this area, and highlighted with them that lights are out of operation. I will continue to pursue them until the lights are repaired.

Mill Road is used by many people walking between Waterville and Blanchardstown village or to Connolly Hospital. Now that it has been blocked to car traffic at the entrance to the hospital, it can be somewhat isolated. It is vital that these streets lights are repaired so people can feel confident travelling in this area.

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