Fingal County Council used to have a Christmas tree recycle point at Carpenterstown Park, but last year stopped using it in favour of a single site at the Blanchardstown Town Centre. Unfortunately, a significant number of people still think this is a collection point, and dumped their trees there this year. These were subsequently set on fire.

Last year, a sign was placed on the green specifying that it was not a recycling point. While it did not completely stop the trees being dumped, it certainly cut down the number compared to this year.

I’ve written to the Environmental Department of Fingal County Council and requested that they erect the ‘no collection point’ sign at the Carpenterstown Park green next year.

Update: I’ve been in touch with the Fingal CC Depot in Coolmine. They’ve said they will put up the sign next year to ensure that people know this is not a location for the disposal of Christmas trees.

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