Two weeks ago there was a significant fish kill on the River Tolka, close to the Mulhuddart bridge. Over the last few years, the Tolka River Environmental Alliance (TREA) has been working with local angling groups to make the river a good habitat for a range of fish species. It is extremely disappointing to see the good work of these organisations being undermined.

I contacted Inland Fisheries Ireland to get an update on the investigation about the cause of the kill. No specific cause has been identified yet, but IFI are continuing to look into it in conjunction with Fingal County Council.

Ill post an update here when I know more.

Dear Mr. O’Gorman,

Thank you for your mail and apologies for the delayed response – your original communication got lost in our mail system and your query was only picked up yesterday. As per your email below, IFI staff initiated an investigation in response to a complaint of dead fish in the River Tolka in the vicinity of Mulhuddart Road Bridge on the evening of Tuesday August 6th, 2013. Approximately 300 adult and juvenile Brown trout, large numbers of stickleback and minnow and a small number of lamprey were killed over a section of main channel approximately 650m long. Live fish including Brown trout were recorded in the affected area during the investigation. The fish were judged to have died within approximately 12 hours of the report being received. Samples were taken for analysis however results did not identify any deleterious matter which may have caused the kill. IFI are currently liaising with Fingal County Council in an ongoing investigation of local surface water drainage systems in an effort to determine what may have happened and with a view to preventing similar events in the future.

Best regards,


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