I think Fingal County Council should resu,e selling water-butts for conserving rainwater, in order to encourage efficient use during the summer months.  At a time when the demands being put on our water supply are so pressing, they should be setting an example by providing residents with low cost water-butts. These devices allow householders store water collected during rain showers and use them to water gardens or wash cars. This relieves pressure on mains water supplies, which can be saved for essential purposes.

I was contacted in recent days by residents who stated that they could not buy any water-butts from the Council. When I raised the issue with officials in the Water Services Department, I was told that the Council had stopped offering water-butts after the initial stock were all sold.

While I understand the Council is under financial pressures, I believe it is essential that it is seen to play a leading role in attempting to protect reservoir levels over the summer months. One of the first notices on the homepage of the Fingal website is a plea to conserve water. Surely, the Council should be providing low cost water-butts to enable residents to achieve this key goal? Dublin City Council continues to provide them.

I am calling on the Council to reconsider its decision to stop selling water-butts as a matter of urgency. Everyone needs to play their part to conserve water.  If you have any questions about this topic, please get in contact with me.

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