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NTA plans to provide ‘real time bus monitor’ at Clonsilla Station


The National Transport Authority has confirmed to me that it plans to provide a real time bus monitor at the city-bound bus stop beside Clonsilla Train Station and that it will give consideration to a second monitor in Clonsilla village.

There are currently no city-bound real time bus monitors in the Clonsilla area. As the village is served by the 39 bus route, which is far less frequent than the 39a route, it is important that commuters waiting at bus stops are given good notice of the arrival of buses. I wrote to the National Transport Authority and suggested that they install bus monitors in two specific locations – one at the bus stop beside Clonsilla Train Station and at the other at the stop in the middle of the village.

The NTA has responded by saying that they have identified the stop beside Clonsilla Station as a location for a real time monitor. They are currently awaiting funding for the next round of installations. The NTA also stated that they will consider the second stop in Clonsilla village in future phases of installations.

I welcome these commitments from the NTA. Placing a real time monitor beside Clonsilla Train Station will allow for better connectivity between bus and train routes in the area and would be of real benefit to commuters. I am calling on the Minister for Transport to rapidly provided the funding for the next found of real time monitor installations.


Reply – NTA – real time monitors in Clonsilla

Is Childcare an Election Issue for You? Please fill out my survey

More and more, childcare is being raised with me as a key concern of residents in the Dublin West constituency.

The childcare needs of each family and parent differs, and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’.

In trying to get a better understanding of the different needs, before I bring forward my own proposals, I’m undertaking a survey of the childcare needs that families have. I hope to follow this up with a public meeting in a few weeks’ time to discuss these findings further.

Please take 5 minutes to fill out the form here. Your submission is anonymous. If you know anyone else who might like to contribute to this survey, I’d be delighted if you could forward them on a link to this page.



Education Minister needs to act to provide Irish language secondary school for Dublin 15

I’ve written to Education Minister Jan O’Sullivan to request that she makes provision for a gaelcholáiste in the Dublin 15 / East Meath region in the next round of new secondary school planning her Department issues.

The Dublin 15 / East Meath region currently has a number of thriving gaelscoileanna. However, after completing their primary education, there is no local provision for these children to continue their secondary education through the medium of Irish. Colaiste Mhuire, which is currently the sole option for students in this area, is both a significant distance away and not easily accessible from the Dublin 15 area. No one would ever suggest that students should have to travel that distance in order to attend an English language secondary school.

There is a proven demand for a gaelcholáiste in this area, as over 450 names have been registered with the committee seeking to establish the school – Coiste Bunaithe Choláiste na Tulchann – for entry from 2017 on.

I strongly believe that parents should be supported where they wish to have their children educated in Irish. On Fingal County Council, I have worked within as part of the Development Plan process, to have references to Irish language schools incorporated in that document. I’m calling on Minister O’Sullivan to ensure that planning can begin for a gaelcholáiste in Dublin 15.

Council to provide me with clarification about the application of freedom of information to pre-planning meetings


At the Council meeting on Wednesday, I put down a motion which called for the publication of a monthly list of all pre-planning meetings that Council officials have taken part in which would list the date of the meeting, the land/site involved and the name of the organisation/person with an interest in the land.

Pre-planning meetings are an important element of the planning system as it allows someone seeking planning permission to engage with planners before the application actually goes in. But the opportunity to go in and talk with Council officials obviously gives an individual or company intending to make a planning application an advantage within the process.

What I’m proposing is to make this element of the process slightly more transparent. By creating and publishing a list of those pre-planning meetings that are taking place, it will allow residents have some idea of potential developments in their area. It will also give us as councillors a better idea of the areas that may soon be developed.

By opening up the process in this way, I think we can remove some of the prejudice that does exist out there that the Council is somehow in league with developers. While I know that this is not the case, that belief is out there. And it gets emphasised when residents who are concerned about a proposed planning application see mentioned within the application, that the developer has already been in talking with planning officials.

In response to my motion, the Council Management has stated that the information about pre-planning applications is ‘confidential’. However, when I asked whether this information would be subject to a Freedom of Information request, which would suggest that the information is not confidential, the Manager stated that she would have to get clarification on this point. As such, I have asked that my motion be deferred for a month.

I look forward to this clarification as I believe that the Council Management is incorrect in saying the information is confidential. Where individuals meet with public officials to discuss a potential planning application, there is absolutely nothing improper about having a public record that this meeting took place. I hope that the other councillors will support my motion at the November meeting.

My motion and response from FCC