Monthly Archive for March, 2015

Dublin 15 needs to be properly represented in the Draft Fingal Tourism Strategy


The Draft Fingal Tourism Strategy was discussed at the recent meeting of Fingal County Council. At the meeting, I called for significant changes to be made to the draft strategy to ensure that Dublin 15 is adequately represented in the document.

Fingal County Council has drafted a comprehensive document, designed to encourage more international and domestic tourists to our region. However, I was disappointed to see how few of the ‘Strategic Objectives’ within the document were related to Dublin 15, particularly in comparison to the North County area of Fingal.

The Draft Strategy goes into great detail about a coastal greenway, but makes very little reference to developing the potential of either the Liffey Valley or the Royal Canal. I would argue that these have as much potential as a coastal greenway. Indeed, as they are far closer to Dublin, they would be more accessible for short stay international visitors. I have called on the Council to include specific reference to developing the potential of the Liffey Valley and the Royal Canal as strategic objectives.

The other area I’ve called on the Council to place a greater focus on is sports tourism. I think the range of facilities available in the Sports Campus at Abbotstown offers extensive opportunities for the future. In particular, international teams may wish to avail of these facilities for training before attending major sporting competitions in the UK or other parts of Europe. I know that prior to the 2012 Olympics in London, we had some success in this area, but the Sports Campus has a much greater range of facilities now. I think the draft strategy should make reference to proactively marketing this area.

Tourism offers Fingal a real opportunity for economic development. It’s vital that since the Council is placing such an emphasis on the issue, that focus must include all parts of Fingal, and that the potential for tourism in Dublin 15 is sufficiently recognised.

I’ve been selected to contest the next general election for the Green Party in Dublin West

I’m honoured to have been selected by the Green Party to contest the upcoming general election in Dublin West and I’m looking forward to the campaign over the next 13 months. This is going to be one of the closest general elections in years, with no certainly as to the make-up of the next Government.

Since being elected to the Council last year, I’ve worked hard to progress issues like community infrastructure, public transport, education and public safety. However, even on the Council you realise that that key decisions on most issues are still taken at national government level. I want to use my experience, both as a county councillor and as a law lecturer, to work for positive changes in each of these areas.

Over the next number of years, Dublin 15, like the rest of the city, will see thousands of new houses built. This is necessary, but we have to ensure that developers are not let away with the same types of behaviour as they were during the Celtic Tiger years. We need a TD for the area who can identify these problems and propose workable solutions so the abuses of the past do not happen again. We also need to ensure that the necessary public infrastructure, like transport, schools and health services are put in place to cater for the ever growing population of the area.

The make-up of Dublin West has changed since the last general election. Now the communities along the Navan Road and at the developments along the Royal Canal are part of the constituency. I have already started working with community groups in this area and look forward to continuing this over the next years.