Monthly Archive for January, 2014

Time to reconvene the Liffey Valley Management Advisory Committee

Last week I wrote to the Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Kieran Dennison, to enquire when the last meeting of the Liffey Valley Management Advisory Committee took place and to ask him to convene a meeting of the body in the near future.

The Liffey Valley Management Committee is a joint committee made up of councillors from Fingal and South Dublin County Councils, along with representatives of people living in the valley. It could form an important tool whereby political representatives from both Councils can come together and work strategically to protect the Liffey Valley. However, from records online, the most recent reference to a meeting of the Committee appears to be from early 2010.

The Liffey Valley continues to face a range of challenges in the short to medium term. Recently, a large parcel of land at St. Edmundsbury near Lucan was sold to a private investor. Heavy rain often leads to severe flooding in the Strawberry Beds. The question of the extension of the Special Amenity Area Order still needs to be addressed.

In the longer term, the Liffey Valley has huge potential as a tourism and recreational facility, but this requires a strategic direction and coordinated progress between the local authorities and government bodies involved.  Much of what is needed is set out in the Office of Public Works report, Towards a Liffey Valley National Park, which was published a few years ago. This was a very wide ranging document looking at how the maximum public benefit could be obtained from the Liffey Valley in areas such as recreation and tourism, with the eventual aim of creating a Liffey Valley national park.

I hope Mayor Dennison will agree with me that the importance of the Liffey Valley to the Dublin 15 region requires that the Liffey Valley Management Advisory Committee needs to be meeting on a more regular basis. If I am elected in May, one of the first things I will do as a councillor for the Castleknock ward is to ensure this happens.

Fingal CC must prevent illegal Christmas tree dumping at Carpenterstown Park

Fingal County Council used to have a Christmas tree recycle point at Carpenterstown Park, but last year stopped using it in favour of a single site at the Blanchardstown Town Centre. Unfortunately, a significant number of people still think this is a collection point, and dumped their trees there this year. These were subsequently set on fire.

Last year, a sign was placed on the green specifying that it was not a recycling point. While it did not completely stop the trees being dumped, it certainly cut down the number compared to this year.

I’ve written to the Environmental Department of Fingal County Council and requested that they erect the ‘no collection point’ sign at the Carpenterstown Park green next year.

Update: I’ve been in touch with the Fingal CC Depot in Coolmine. They’ve said they will put up the sign next year to ensure that people know this is not a location for the disposal of Christmas trees.

Update: Anti-social behaviour at Porterstown Park Pitches


I’ve received a response from An Garda Siochana in Blanardstown regarding the anti-social behaviour at Porterstown Park pitches.

The Superintendent has referred the matter to the Sergeant in charge of Community Policing for further investigation.

I also was able to get the issue highlighted in the Blanch Gazette, where Fingal County Council commented on the matter.

If you live in the Luttrellstown area and encounter anti-social behaviour, or if you see evidence of drinking at the Porterstown Park pitches, please get in touch with me.

Late night drinking at Porterstown Park pitches – Gardai need to take action

I have been contacted by a number of residents living in estates connected to the Porterstown Road regarding anti-social behaviour that they are experiencing on Friday and Saturday nights. This results from groups of young people using the ‘kissing-gates’ in these estates to access the Porterstown Road and enter the Porterstown Park pitches for the purposes of drinking. These groups have thrown stones at houses and damaged cars.

Over the last few months, this increased use of the Porterstown Park pitches as a location for late night drinking and the related dumping of cans has been raised with me by a number of residents across Carpenterstown who use the area for sport or walking their dogs.

I’ve contacted the Gardai in Blanchardstown and asked that they increase their presence in the area between 8pm and 11pm on weekend nights, so as to address the anti-social behaviour issues that local residents are facing.

I’ll post an update when I hear back.