Monthly Archive for March, 2013

Speeding in Roselawn


I was knocking on some doors on Roselawn Glade prior to Christmas, where a number of residents raised their concerns with me about speeding, particularly in relation to the junction with the Roselawn Road and the entrance to St. Francis Xavier NS.  

I have been in contact with the Roads Dept. of Fingal County Council, and they confirmed to me that there are no resources in this year’s Council Budget for improved signage, rumble strips or other traffic calming measures.

I have committed to local residents that I will continue to engage with the Council’s Roads Department with a view to having these measured financed in the 2014 Council Budget. This is a busy road, particularly as it is an access route to a national school, and it is essential that residents’ concerns about speeding are addressed.

New Public Consultation for St Catherines Park


Fingal County Council have initiated a new public consultation about significant developments they are planning for St. Catherine’s Park, between Lucan and Leixlip.

There was a public consultation late last year, but the process has to be re-run as Fingal County Council did not undertake an adequate environmental impact assessment of the project.

Interestingly, some of the proposals included in the November consultation, including a new pedestrian bridge over the River Liffey, are omitted on this occasion.

Councillors have to take account of public submissions, so if you have a view on how you would like to see St. Catherine’s develop, the deadline for submissions is the 25th April.

We need to make the M50 Pedestrian bridge cyclist friendly

Existing gates are unsuitable for bikes and buggies

I’ve called on Fingal County Council to undertake works to make the M50 Pedestrian bridge between Beechpark Avenue and the Old Navan Road more cyclist and pedestrian friendly.

I believe that the Council needs to replace the gates at both ends of the M50 Pedestrian bridge and improve the lighting and surface along it. The gates that currently exist are hugely unsuitable for cyclists or pedestrians using buggies. Further, the lighting along the tunnel could be significantly improved and the surface is cracked in places and needs replacement.

I made these suggestions as part of my submission to Fingal County Council on their Royal Canal Greenway study, which proposes to build a cycle and pedestrian path from the 12th Lock to Ashtown. The current draft of this study recommends the replacement of the gate at the Navan Road end of the Pedestrian bridge, but think they need to go further.

The M50 Pedestrian bridge is important to the success of the Greenway, as it will be the primary means whereby people coming from the Castleknock village will be able to access the Canal. As such, the opportunity and funding should be taken now to improve the gates on both sides of the pedestrian bridge, and also to improve the lighting and the surface along it.

Tunnel at Castleknock end needs improved lighting

Royal Canal Greenway Public Consultation

Fingal County Council are undertaking a significant infrastructure project in building a cycle and pedestrian path along the bank of the Royal Canal between the bridge at Castleknock Train Station and Ashtown Train Station.

This will be accompanied by a range of supporting work, improving access to the canal, providing lightening and also landscaping. These works follow on from a public consultation undertaken by Fingal CC last year.

You can find a link to the details of these plans and relevant maps here.

Fingal CC will be accepting public submissions on this plan up until 5.00pm Thursday 14th March, 2013.

You can make a submission by emailing or by writing to:

Senior Executive Officer,

Planning & Strategic Infrastructure Department,

Fingal County Council,

Main Street,


Co Dublin.

I’ll be making a submission, so feel free to get in touch with me if you wish me to include your views in my submission.

Planning Permission Granted for Bus Shelter on Diswellstown Road – Riverwood Heath

Fingal County Council has granted Dublin Bus planning permission to build a bus shelter, across the road from the entrance to Riverwood Heath.

The code for the application is FW12A/0137.

You can find a link to the FCC planning list here. The bus shelter decision can be found under Decisions Made for Week 6.