Monthly Archive for April, 2012

New investment in pedestrian and cycle facilities in Fingal


Yesterday, the Department of Transport announced that funding has been made available for a range of new pedestrian and cycle crossings and footpaths throughout Fingal. Within Dublin 15, €1 million is also to be provided to finance improvements on the N3 interchange at Mulhuddart. The announcement came as part of a €11.4 million package of transport infrastructure projects across the Greater Dublin Area.

I am pleased to see that Minister Varadkar is continuing the policies initiated by the Green Party in rebalancing transport spending in favour of public transport, cycling and pedestrians. While a modern roads network is crucial, for too long other forms of transport were ignored. This has changed in recent years and Minister Varadkar should be congratulated for not rowing back on this.

Other elements of the package relevant to Dublin 15 commuters who travel in and out of the city centre include €2 million to resurface bus and cycle lanes with the Dublin City Council boundary.

Initiatives like the Cycle to Work Scheme and Dublin Bikes have significantly increased the number of people cycling to work. It is important that the Government continues to support all commuters and enhance transport safety.