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Castleknock residents let down by Council – O’Gorman

Green Party Dublin West representative, Roderic O’Gorman has expressed major disappointment at the vote by Fingal county councillors not to delete references to the controversial Castleknock Urban Centre Strategy from the Fingal Development Plan.

“I’m deeply disappointed to see that residents of Castleknock Village have been let down by the Council in its vote not to remove references to the highly controversial Castleknock Urban Centre Strategy (UCS) from the Fingal Development Plan. The UCS was imposed imposed on Castleknock by the Council management. As a direct result of this, the hugely unpopular 5 storey development behind the Flower Shop was given planning permission. In the run up to the local elections, all our local representatives were very vocal in saying they were going to stand up for Castleknock. Instead, the Council have now actually endorsed the use of the UCS in the new County Development Plan”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“The vote on the motion to delete the UCS was defeated very narrowly: 11 in favour – 12 against. Voting against were 5 Fine Gael councillors, 3 Fianna Fail councillors, 2 Labour councillors and 2 independents. Local Fine Gael councillor Eithne Loftus was the only member of Fine Gael to support the motion, even though Fine Gael representative had been very critical of the UCS. Local Fianna Fail councillor Mags Murray, bravely abstained, thus allowing the vote to be defeated”.

“Yet again we see Fingal County Council taking decisions that are completely opposed by residents. In the run up to the local elections in June 2009 and since, I have regularly been on the doors in Castleknock Village where there is near unanimous opposition to the Urban Centre Strategy. I hope Castleknock residents will remember the actions of the political parties and local councillors, next time they come around looking for votes”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.



A link to the relevant FCC minutes can be found here. The vote on the Castleknock UCS is noted on page 44.