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Press Release – O’Gorman welcomes appointment of Principal for Luttrellstown Community College


Green Party Castleknock Ward candidate, Roderic O’Gorman has welcomed the announcement of the appointment of a Principal for Luttrellstown Community College.

“The County Dublin VEC have informed me that they have appointed Ms. Fionnuala Ni Chaisil as the new Principal of Luttrellstown Community College. This is a hugely significant announcement as the appointment of a principal is a key step in ensuring that this new school is swiftly established”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“The County Dublin VEC have confirmed to me that Luttrellstown CC will open in September of this year. Currently it is planned to temporarily set up the school in the College of Horology on the grounds of Blanchardstown Hospital for the 2009/10 school year. This will be subject to planning permission. In light of this the VEC will soon be publishing ads in local papers informing people across Dublin 15 about the schools opening”.

“The VEC has also assured me that it is in contact with the Castleknock Schools Group, which lobbied so successfully for the establishment of the school, and that it intends to meet with representatives of the schools group and prospective parents in the near future”.

“Ms. Ni Chaisil will take up her new position in March. I wish her every success in this vital new role she is taking on”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.

Further Information
Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

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Press Release – ‘Swords-centred’ approach to planning in Fingal has to end – O’Gorman


Green Party Castleknock ward candidate, Roderic O’Gorman has welcomed reports in a local newspaper that work on a ‘framework for future development’ in Blanchardstown Village is being started. He also highlighted what he believes up to now has been a ‘Swords-centred’ approach to prioritizing planning in Fingal.

“The response to a recent question put on my behalf to the County Manger reveals that Fingal County Council has spent €830,000 on consultants engaged in work on the Metro North and the linked new Local Area Plan for the Swords area. At the same time, only €47,180 has been spent on consultants working on the Metro West”.

“While I understand that the Metro North project was listed under Transport 21 as to be undertaken first, when you compare the two figures regarding what has been spent on planning for Swords and what has been spent on Blanchardstown, they do seem to be extremely imbalanced. I think this imbalance shows a ‘Swords-centred’ approach to planning, with the promotion of the Council managements vision of a ‘city’ in Swords getting priority over much needed planning in other areas, particularly Dublin 15”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“The money spent promoting Metro West is 5 ½ % the figure spent promoting Metro North. Looking at that figure, can we really feel that up to now the Council has been committed to supporting public transport in Dublin 15 to the same degree that it is supporting it in the Swords area? Perhaps this is a legacy of the insufficient number of councillors that the Dublin 15 wards of Fingal County Council currently have, which leads to us being underrepresented compared to other parts of the local authority?”.

“In light of this imbalance, I warmly welcome the fact that work is now commencing on a ‘framework for future development’ in Blanchardstown Village. While we have seen major development around the Blanchardstown Town Centre over the last 7 years, Blanchardstown Village has for the most part not experienced significant building”.

“As a resident of Blanchardstown Vllage, I think it is vital that we do not allow overdevelopment and excessive high rise. It’s appropriate to have tall buildings in a modern setting such as around the Town Centre, but the new plan for Blanchardstown must protect and respect its character as a village. At the same time, there is the need for enhanced community facilities in the village. In particular, I believe we should be looking to provide a venue for young people to use for social purposes – such as a youth cafe”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information
Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777
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Question Submitted to Fingal CC on behalf of Roderic O’Gorman





Question: Councillor D. Healy
“To ask the Manager how much has been spent by Fingal County Council on outside consultants in relation to the following projects;
(i) Metro North
(ii) Metro West
(iii) Public transport provision in North Fringe/South Fringe area?”


Metro North/Swords LAP
The sum of £830.000 has been paid to Consultants in respect of studies carried out in relation to both Metro North and the Swords Local Area Plan. It is not possible to separate costs solely for Metro North as both issues are interlinked.

Metro West

The sum of €47,184.98 has been expended to date on this project on external consultancy.

Public transport provision in North Fringe/South Fringe area

The provision of public transport within Fingal is a matter for the service providers such as Bus Eireann, Dublin Bus and Iarnrod Eireann. Fingal County Council, however, facilitates the provision of these services by providing Quality Bus Corridors. Consulting engineering design costs arising from this work amount to €545,000. Other QBC’s have been provided in the area of the Malahide Road. These projects are the responsibility of Dublin City Council.

Major planning application lodged for lands at Diswellstown

Planning permission for a major development at lands between St. Patrick’s NS, Diswellstown and the M 50 have been lodged with Fingal County Council – Application F08A/1425.

The applicant includes provision for 538 new units – 328 apartments and 210 houses.
The apartments will be in blocks of up to 5 stories in height.

The development, which would have 909 parking spaces provided, will have entrances at the St. Patricks NS roundabout and onto the Luttrelstown Road.

The last date for objections is the 3rd February.

Castleknock Village Development: Additional Information received

Uxbridge Properties have submitted ‘additional information’ to Fingal CC about their proposed development on the lands behind ‘The Flower Shop’ in the centre of Castleknock Village – Application F08A/0892.

The additional information deals with the 11 areas where Fingal CC were seeking clarification from the developer. Among the points the developer has:

– Set back the upper floors of a number of the blocks
– Submitted a report on the impact of overshadowing on surrounding properties
– Submitted a report on drainage and storm water management on the site
– Improved the number of trees that will be planted around the site

However, the developer has made it clear that he will not reduce the large number of car-parking spaces (345) currently provided for under the planning application.

The deadline for making submissions on this additional information is close of business on Monday 26th January

Press Release – Tragic death highlights risks for cyclists – O’Gorman


Green Party Castleknock-Blanchardstown ward candidate, Roderic O’Gorman has highlighted the continued threats to cyclists following the tragic death of a cyclist in Harolds Cross.

“The tragic death of a cyclist after a collision with a cement mixer lorry in Harolds Cross, highlights the continued threats that cyclists face on our roads. At a time when increasing numbers of commuters are deciding to cycle to and from work and many schools are implementing a cycle-to-school policy, it is essential that the Government and local authorities act to ensure that cyclists are able to safely use our roads”.

“While the recent move to change the tax system to benefit those who cycle to and from work has been widely welcomed, a sustained move to commuters using bicycles will only happen when people feel safe cycling. This tragedy shows that much remains to be done to make the cities roads safe for cyclists”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information
Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

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Temporary accommodation for those sleeping rough during cold weather

Over the weekend John Gormley announced a new scheme whereby persons sleeping rough in Dublin City will have temporary shelter and accommodation made available to them during cold periods of the year (Jan – April). His announcement came as a response to concerns raised by Alice Leahy of Trust that persons who currently don’t avail of accommodation at night time were particularly vulnerable during cold weather periods.
In the winter of 2005/06, a number of homeless persons died of exposure. There are about 110 people currently sleeping rough each night – many of these do not wish to fill out forms at the existing hostels or have other reasons for staying on the streets.

After meeting with Alice Leahy, John (who worked with the homeless during the late 70’s) announced that Dublin City Council would be providing a facility which would allow those sleeping rough have shelter and basic needs such as food and hot drinks during cold periods.

Press Release – New green-bin service represents a major improvements for Dublin 15 householders – O’Gorman


Green Party Castleknock ward candidate, Roderic O’Gorman has welcomed the announcement that Greyhound Recycling has taken over the green-bin recycling service on behalf of Fingal County Council and the other Dublin local authorities.

“I’m very pleased to see that Greyhound Recycling has been awarded the contract to operate green bins for Fingal County Council for the next three years. In particular, it’s great news that the new service will take all plastics within the green bin. Up to now, only certain plastic containers could be put into the green bin. From now on, all clear plastic will be able to go into the green bin”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“The fact that the green bin could only take a limited range of plastics was one of the main criticisms I have heard about the green bin system from residents of Dublin 15. I’m pleased that this issue is going to be resolved satisfactorily by Greyhound”.

“Another key issue that Greyhound will have to focus on is the overall customer service they provide. In the last six months, I have received numerous complaints from people dissatisfied with the collection service being run by Oxigen, the former operators. These complaints related mainly to green bins not being collected on the appropriate day, and problems with the call-back service. I hope that Greyhound will be more responsive to the needs of householders and I will be pursuing this issue with them if similar problems arise”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information
Roderic O’Gorman: 087 4179777

Greens launch Bike Scheme website

The Green Party has launched a new website – – to help commuters take advantage of the ‘Cycle to Work’ tax scheme which was created by the Government as part of the Budget.

The scheme allows people to get up €1,000 tax back on money spent on a bicycle or cycling equipment which is to be used for commuting to and from work.

The Bike Scheme website provides employers and employees with details of how the scheme works and allows them request a special information pack from the Green Party. The website also includes a map of bike shops across the country, so people can start shopping around immediately for their new bicycle.

Cycling has major health benefits, increasingly it’s faster and cheaper than using the car and it does not produce carbon emissions so it’s better for the environment. The Green Party have worked in Government to develop this tax scheme to make it cheaper for commuters to take up cycling, along with securing extra funding of €5 million to improve cycle lanes across Dublin. I would urge anyone in Dublin 15 who is interested in switching to the bike to log onto the Green Party Bike Scheme website so they can take full advantage of the tax breaks.