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Kellystown Rezoning

As you may know, Fingal County Council is currently proposing a ‘Draft Variation of the County Development Plan’, otherwise known as a rezoning, of 59.5 hectares of land at Kellystown, Dublin 15.
This is an extensive proposal and I summarize the main aspects of it below. The full extent of the plan, including maps, are available for inspection at the Fingal County Council Offices at the Blanchardstown Centre, and also on the internet:

This proposal is of major significance for the Dublin 15 area. The Dublin West Green Party will be making a submission on the proposal – I would be very interested in hearing your views. Please email me at

Should you wish to make your own submission on the proposal, you must do so before end of business on Thursday 5th June. Submissions can be made to Senior Executive Officer, Planning Department, Fingal County Council, County Hall, Swords, Co. Dublin or be emailed to

All submissions must include your name, address and the name of any group or organisation you represent.

Key aspects of Kellystown Rezoning

Land to be rezoned

o 24.4 hectares to be rezoned from Green Belt to Residential
o 2.8 hectares to be rezoned from Open Space to Suburban Centre
o 32.2 hectares to be rezoned from Green Belt to Open Space

It is proposed to include a number of objectives for the rezoned lands as part of a Local Area Plan (LAP)

1. Create a pedestrian/cyclist bridge connection to enable access to the local facilities in Clonsilla village.
2. Create district level services and employment generating uses (shopping, commercial and office) centred on a high quality public transport interchange.
3. Create a new Public Park of minimum 10ha. in size. This park shall be linked to Porterstown Park, Luttrellstown Road and Beech Park by dedicated pedestrian and cyclist facilities.
4. Development of a linear pedestrian/cyclist link between Clonsilla and Porterstown Stations via open space lands.
5. Protect the rural character and setting of the Luttrellstown Road and enhance its use for pedestrians and cyclists.
6. Facilitate re-location of St Mochtas FC grounds to a new site adjoining the Luttrellstown Road.
7. Programme for development of a railway station to be included as part of the LAP.
8. Provide integrated school and community/recreational facilities which may be developed in advance of the LAP.
9. Prior to the occupation of any development within the Kellystown lands, essential infrastructure shall be completed and be operational.
10. To provide for a burial ground within the Kellystown area.

Before any residential developments are occupied, the following must be completed:

o New distributor road and bridge over the Royal Canal and railway
o Development of public open space of minimum 15 ha. at Beechpark
o Development of a 32 classroom primary school, 1000 pupil post primary school and integrated community recreational facilities at Porterstown Road

Press Release – O’Gorman calls for clarification from Fingal regarding the removal of abandoned cars

17th May 2008

Green Party Dublin 15 representative, Roderic O’Gorman, has urged Fingal County Council to provide clarification for the public regarding its powers and responsibilities in dealing with abandoned cars.

“I have recently been contacted by residents in the Dublin 15 area regarding the policy of Fingal County Council in relation to the removal of abandoned cars. The Council website currently advertises that it will remove abandoned cars from public property “subject to conditions”. However, one Carpenterstown resident I spoke to contacted the Council’s Environment Department regarding an abandoned car parked outside their house on the public road and were given conflicting and inaccurate advise on a number of occasions between early October and late December 2007 when the car was eventually removed”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“In light of the apparent confusion on the part of Council officials, I would make two suggestions. Firstly, the Council needs to clarify for itself the procedures that it must go through before it can remove an abandoned car (issues surrounding the responsibility of the Guards versus the Council, out of date tax and insurance, contacting the owner etc). Secondly, I would suggest that the Council amend its website and set out the procedures in full, so residents know and understand the situation”.

“I will be asking my Green Party colleagues on Fingal County Council to put these issues to the Environmental Department and the County Manager and I look forward to clarification on the situation”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information
Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

Editors Note
The current information on removing abandoned cars can be found on Fingal County Councils website –

Press Release – O’Gorman welcomes repairs to Riverwood Playground


Green Party Dublin 15 representative, Roderic O’Gorman has welcomed the repair work carried out to the playground at Riverwood Dublin 15, undertaken by Fingal County Council.

“A number of residents in the Riverwood area had contacted me to highlight that the swings in the playground beside Riverwood Chase had been ripped down. I visited the playground and indeed the swings have been removed and other acts of minor vandalism have occurred”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“I contacted Fingal County Council and raised the issue with the Parks Department. I’ve subsequently been informed by local residents that work has been undertaken and the swings are now working again.”.

“The Riverwood playground is one of a very small number of neighbourhood playgrounds in the D 15 area. It is vital that community facilities like this are maintained to the highest standar”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information

Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

Carbon Shame! I emit 5.69 tonnes of CO2 per annum

I’m suffering from a major bout of ‘carbon shame’. I’ve just calculated my yearly emissions using the new carbon calculator on the website, set up by the Minister for the Environment, John Gormley. After inputting my details about travel, household heating and flights etc, my yearly carbon emissions were calculated at 5.69 tonnes. While this is a good bit below the average person’s yearly emissions which is 8 tonnes, it was still considerably more than I was expecting, especially as in only use public transport. Now I can’t feel self righteous as I sit on a crowded bus anymore.

The website is a great idea as not only does it tell you how much you pollute, but it also gives tips on how to cut down your emissions. For example, I’m taking a long hall flight to Vancouver this September to go to a friends wedding. This adds an extra 1.6 tonnes to my yearly total. If I cut out any long distance plane flights next year, I will cut my emissions to 4 tonnes, half the average persons and a good bit more respectable.

The website and the carbon calculator form part of a national campaign initiated by the Minister for the Environment to highlight the dangers of climate change.

While the Government can do a lot about tackling climate change, such as changing the taxation of cars and introducing grants for insulation, real progress against global warming will only be made when each individual plays their own part. That’s why this website is so important as it allows each of us to see the amount of pollution we are creating, but also gives tips on how we can reduce this. I would urge everyone 15 to log onto the website, and get calculating their own carbon footprint.

Press Release – New land for allotments is welcome news for Dublin 15 growers – O’Gorman


Dublin 15 representative, Roderic O’Gorman has welcomed plans by Fingal County Council to set aside new land for allotments on the Powerstown Road, near Tyrrelstown.

“I welcome this move by Fingal County Council to provide new allotment space for Dublin 15 residents within the Dublin 15 area. The existing allotments in Cappoge have to be moved due to development in that area. Initially, the Council were proposing that allotment holders would be relocated as far away as The Naul, but thankfully a much more suitable local alternative has been found on Council property off the Powerstown Road, near Tyrrelstown”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“Fingal County Council has a long waiting list for allotment spaces. Indeed, two years ago the Council took a decision to close the waiting list, but was forced to reopen it and engage in a search for new land as a result of a Green Party motion tabled by Cllr David Healy. On behalf of the Dublin West Green Party, I had suggested that some of the land around Abbotstown could be used as a site for allotments. However, the proposed Tyrrelstown site looks ample, with an initial 250 individual allotments and the possibility of up to 100 more if demand increases”.

“I see allotments as being important in areas like Dublin 15 where the huge growth in apartments means that many homeowners no longer have a garden to themselves. As such, allotments give them the opportunity to exercise their green fingers. However allotments also have a practical benefit in that those who grow their own food will be able to some extent to avoid the dramatic food inflation that has occurred over the last year”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information
Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

Press Release – O’Gorman welcomes new allocation of funding for social housing in Fingal


Green Party Dublin 15 representative, Roderic O’Gorman has welcomed the allocation of €40 million for Fingal County Council from the National Housing Programme, overseen by the Department of the Environment.

“I’m very pleased to see €40 million has been allocated to the Fingal area for social housing, as part of the National Housing Programme 2008, overseen by the Department of the Environment. This sum includes € 8 million for voluntary housing initiatives and € 4 million for traveller specific accommodation”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“As regards improvements to existing social housing, Fingal has been granted € 1 million to improve central heating in existing social housing stock”.

The €40 million granted to Fingal is part of overall national spend of over €1.4 billion being allocated for new social housing, improving existing housing and regeneration schemes.

“While the slowdown in the economy has resulted in a decrease in house prices, the dream of owning a home is still out of many peoples reach. The scale of this €1.4 billion investment demonstrates the commitment of the Government to continue supplying new social housing units while at the same time improving and regenerating existing housing stock”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


Further Information

Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777